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Some random planet/world name generators

coruscant from star warsApologies if I’ve posted many articles about random generators, they seem to be the most popular, so here’s another!

Here are some useful links to random generators for naming your planets/worlds/realms, ideal for sci-fi or fantasy games:


Planet name generator

Simple, interesting names that can be used for a planet, or for a world/realm in a fantasy setting. Here’s some examples:

Ultracat Xanthesizor
Lidisc Nobatum
Faxofrak VII Axaca
Airerobotik Musinance
Matrisite 5 Yotalia


Planet name & description generator

Similar to above, but with a description of the planet, to give you ideas about the location. Here’s some examples:

Planet Name: Akafar
Location: Furaka System
Description: An extremely hot planet. Mostly desert but with some small seas in the northern and southern hemispheres. The equatorial regions are too hot for most species, and so the only settlements are situated in the extreme polar regions.

Planet Name: Gollanta
Location: Imdali System
Description: The homeworld of the Bixirari species. Sprawling mega-cities cover much of the surface, but the planet is also known for its silicon-based lifeforms and damp climate.


Country name generator

This will create a country, and also the type of government it has. Here’s some examples:

Official Name People’s Zesuqa State
Current Government type technocracy – government by technical experts
National Colour Lime green


Official Name Xix’bykidos
Current Government type binarchy – government by two people; diarchy
National Colour Sky blue

If you need more random generators, there’s quite a few more articles we’ve written about them here.