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The future of OngoingWorlds is Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is cool. Take a look at this video:

Cool right? Imagine roleplaying in a virtual world that augments your own. Virtual reality isn’t anything new, there’s great devices like Oculus Rift that can immerse you into virtual reality.

OngoingWorlds is going to grasp this virtual reality future!

Introducing HolOW-lens

Yes, the next version of OngoingWorlds will be in fully-immersive 3D! No longer will you have to type your characters actions. In virtual reality you can be your character, play your character, and with special voice software, you can talk like your characters, and engage with everyone else’s characters in a fantasy 3D enviroment too!

Just look at how immersed this guy is in virtual reality. He’s so engrossed, probably forgotten to eat!


Anyway, onto the fun bit….

Download the HolOW-lens 3D demo

Yes this is an actual thing that actually works right now!

I’ve created a 3D demo of HolOW-lens for you to try. It’s a 3D environment you can move around in, with different zones inspired by current games on OngoingWorlds.

3D ongoingworlds welcome

Here’s Estrangement:


…The USS Victory and a pirate ship…

USS Victory

Here’s the world in full:


The most fun thing you can do in the HolOW-lens world right now is to search for the 8 hidden codes on plaques, and enter them here to get a special award on your profile.

Search for

*Edit* – So yeah, this was an April fools joke

Yep it’s not all true. But there IS a 3D world you can explore! Click here for more about that.

  • OMG Lookit Estrangement! I love it! Very effing nice, David.

    • Have you played and discovered all the hidden codes?

  • cadianshock

    No Linux Version?

    • Only if enough people request it! I know that the majority of our users are PC, and some mac so I’ve got those covered,.
      Anyway I know you’re just asking to be awkward, you don’t have Linux! 😛

  • It looks like PS3 are going for “fully immersive” experiences too with their PlayStation Flow

  • Reggie Shelton

    I feel like I’ve been on ongoing worlds long enough to think this is an April Fools Joke. But it says it was published Mar 31….Now I’m not sure.

    • It depends on timezones! It was actually published at about 1am GMT on April 1st. I stayed up quite late to get it all finished, then knew I wouldn’t have any time in the morning before I had to go to work so published it asap.