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So yeah… about that Virtual Reality statement…

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So… yesterday I posted that the future of OngoingWorlds is Virtual Reality. If you haven’t seen that, read it here.

I’m sorry to tell you that this was an April Fools day joke. The next version of won’t be in 3D, you won’t have to wear a VR headset, and you won’t have to talk or act like your character!

I did think it was interesting how Playstation went for a similar joke on “fully immersive experience” with their PS Flow (see here).

The HolOW-lens virtual world is still available

USS VictorySo to make the joke plausible I actually created a virtual world that you could download and explore. This might have been taking things a bit too far, I did spent probably more time on making it than I should!

This virtual world has actually proven quite popular, and recieved really well! And has been downloaded by 24 people. 18 downloaded the Windows version, 6 for the Mac.

The virtual world will still be available to download (there’s links here), also if you don’t want to have to download it you can view it in your browser here (requires the Unity plugin).

Discovering the hidden codes

EyeballIn the HolOW-lens virtual world there was a mini-game to find the hidden codes. 8 people have done this, and well done to Max Reno, Elrood, and Jaxx who have collected every one of the 8 current codes.

I say “current” above, because I’m thinking about adding more to the world, and expanding it with more places to discover, more tie-ins with existing games, and more codes to discover. If you like the idea of this, comment below (just saying “yes do it!” or something). If I get more than 10, I’ll create a HolOW-lens world v2.

What is Virtual Reality anyway?

If you think of “virtual” as something that doesn’t physically exist, the worlds that we create together while roleplaying are actually a kind of virtual reality. A world parallel to our own where our characters exist. So I wasn’t too wrong in the last article titled “The future of OngoingWorlds is Virtual Reality”, because it kinda is, and always has been!

So anyway I do have a long list of improvements to add to OngoingWorlds, but none of them will be converting the entire site into a 3D virtual reality experience 🙂

The HolOW-lens world has been updated!

Click here to read about HolOW-lens v2 and how to download it.