Hey-o Ongoing Worlds! It’s been a while hasn’t it? Don’t answer that, we’re not actually talking and you talking to a screen with no reply really isn’t flattering. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. The beacons are lit and I do call for aid! YOUR AID! Why? BECAUSE THE CHAT BOX NEEDS OUR HELP! Continue reading THE BEACONS ARE LIT! TIBERIUS CALLS FOR AID!

New “mature” category available

mature categoryThere’s been requests recently to be able to distinguish games with mature content from other games, to make it clear which games contain adult themes.

Today I’ve added a new “mature” category, which can be applied to a game if it’s going to contain descriptions of graphic violence, sex, or adult themes. This is a way you can be clear about the type of content your game will include.

If you think your game falls under this category, you can edit your game now and add it.

The price for making your game private has dropped

private sign do not read

Some people might want to make their game private, either for anonymity or to keep your plot secret from prying eyes. Whatever the reason, I used to be asked regularly to add a feature to make a game private to it’s members only. Continue reading The price for making your game private has dropped

Ratings are back. Back again. Ratings are back. Tell a friend!

post ratings on member profile About a month ago I removed post ratings. From the stats I could collect, this was an under-used feature, and I wanted to clean up the interface to focus on the important things, the post itself. Also I wanted to see if anyone actually noticed or cared they were removed.

It took about a week before someone asked me. We had a discussion in the OW Facebook group about this, and Max & Cheridan advocated for it to be returned, as well as an anonymous user on Tib’s survey.

So they’re back! You’ll see a 5-star system on every post in a game you’re a member of, and ratings that you receive will appear on your “My games” page.

There’s more info about post ratings here.

Question though…

There was some discussion in the Facebook group whether people should be able to rate posts on games where they’re not a member. This could be good because it could encourage users by getting more good ratings, or depressing if people get bad ratings from people they don’t know.

What do you think? Can we have a vote in the comments below? Just write “yes, free ratings for all!” or “No, only members should rate!”.

You might have noticed the “Featured game request” area

featured game pointerYou might have noticed on the homepage there’s now an area for “Featured games”. This is something I’m trialling to see if it’s popular, as it has been requested by several people now.

I don’t really like to show favouritism to one game over another but this might solve 2 problems: Continue reading You might have noticed the “Featured game request” area

Story summary fixed

story summaryFor quite a while (probably since the last major update) the Story Summary input has been broken. But now it’s fixed, and you can continue adding your story summaries again.

If you don’t know what thsi feature is, there’s a video where I explain it here.

Thanks Jaxx for letting me know that it was broken. Continue reading Story summary fixed

So yeah… about that Virtual Reality statement…

Search for

So… yesterday I posted that the future of OngoingWorlds is Virtual Reality. If you haven’t seen that, read it here.

I’m sorry to tell you that this was an April Fools day joke. The next version of won’t be in 3D, you won’t have to wear a VR headset, and you won’t have to talk or act like your character! Continue reading So yeah… about that Virtual Reality statement…

The future of OngoingWorlds is Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is cool. Take a look at this video:

Cool right? Imagine roleplaying in a virtual world that augments your own. Virtual reality isn’t anything new, there’s great devices like Oculus Rift that can immerse you into virtual reality.

OngoingWorlds is going to grasp this virtual reality future! Continue reading The future of OngoingWorlds is Virtual Reality

404 Art Not Found [Maybe you can fix that!]

404 pageI bet that picture to the right looks very boring. Just… a white background. I bet you think you can make a good picture for it. You probably can. You know what, you should. Right now Ongoing Worlds is hosting a  two week contest stating tomorrow to see who can make the best picture for our 404 page! To see a set of guidlines and contest dates, just hit that really nicely formatted read more button! [It’s a really nice button too] Continue reading 404 Art Not Found [Maybe you can fix that!]