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You might have noticed the “Featured game request” area

featured game pointerYou might have noticed on the homepage there’s now an area for “Featured games”. This is something I’m trialling to see if it’s popular, as it has been requested by several people now.

I don’t really like to show favouritism to one game over another but this might solve 2 problems:

  • Some games post short posts often, and some post longer posts less frequently. Games that post more often are more likely to show up on the “Recent” list on the homepage, meaning some great games with high quality posts don’t exposed as often.
  • The OngoingWorlds websites costs $25 a month to run. This right now comes out of my pocket, except on the months where someone donates – which isn’t very often! It would be very nice if the costs were spread more evenly.

I’ll show 3 games here maximum, I don’t want this area to get too big or overshadow the other games list.

To get your game featured will require a donation towards the monthly hosting costs. If you’re interested, see the article here: Featured Game Request.