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Sci-fi western? Zombie romance? Multiple new categories available

Cowboy aliens roleplay

This feature was requested a while ago, and I forgot who asked for it (own up in the comments below!). And I thought it was a good idea. Instead of having just one game category, you can now have several

Multiple game categories

Previously your game could just be fantasy, scifi, horror etc. But now you can have a mix of several. This could lead to some really interesting mashups! Eg:

  • Scifi western
  • Historical zombie
  • Post-apocalyptic fantasy romance
  • Historical superhero horror
  • Modern Star Wars (not sure how that works tho, as it’s supposed to be a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away!

The new category tags

So as you can see from those mentioned above, I’ve added some new categories. Superhero, Western, Romance, Warhammer etc. Go to the “Games” page to see them all. Obviously many of the categories will be an empty list right now, but I’m hoping that’ll change over time.

Add new categories to your game

You might want to add a new category to your game. To do this, edit your game by going to “Game settings”

game settings

Then “Game Details”

game details

And you can choose categories at the top of the page.

Change roleplay categories