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Engines of Chaos Redux

As the old order that kept balance in the multiverse fell into decline, various groups exploited the situation to amass wealth and forge vast multi-universal empires, crushing the lives of countless people in the process. Although there has been much resistance to their expansion, it has ultimately ... More...

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Machine God

"Ancient man whispered of a god made flesh, and so the machine now whispers in turn. As the key to salvation once passed from the jew to the gentile so now does it pass from man to machine." The Torvan Codex l.lV The year is 2250 and Mars is our new home following an extinction level event back ... More...

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You wake up. Your body is aching, tingling, and the air is cold. Wind is ringing in your ears. How did you get here? You don't remember. You try to recall the last thing you remember, but all you have is your name. Nothing else is returned from the void of your memory. In the gloom, bodies stir. ... More...

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Browncoats Unite: Back To The Black

"Crew Needed. Passengers Wanted. Few Questions." Captain Colton Keller didn't have much left after the Unification War and ever since the broadcast Independents who'd previously submitted to the Alliance were rising up. Once a Browncoat, always a Browncoat. A second war was brewing, but wars cost ... More...

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Beyond the Ragnarok

New Players Welcome : Please read the game information page before creating a character. The gods are dead. Yggdrasil is sundered and the nine worlds drift within the endless void. On Midgard the winds of magic stir once more as the bastard son of Loki seeks fresh pawns to set upon a board of his ... More...

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The Mafia and The Cops

It's New York the 1970's the Mafia Family's are huge and well the cops are on their tell trying to stop them. You my friend are just starting out. The Mafia wants to run the town and think you would be a great asset hell maybe you could even rise to be the Underboss or even the Boss. The Cops know j ... More...

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Foundation Colony

The Earth was dying and humanity with her. For a time there was hope as mankind reached forth its hand to the stars in the hope of finding and settling new worlds. A last great undertaking of humankind to send forth a thousand ships into the void with the seeds to start civilization anew on some di ... More...

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Alpha Squad

Alpha Squad are spec ops soldiers. The thing is a war has broken out between the United States and The Russian Federalist Collation, the US government suspects the enemy is using more than just normal soldiers. Alpha has been deployed behind enemy lines to find out what exactly is happening. ... More...

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Village of Warfall

Everyone has a story, a tale, and a past. In Warfall, everyone knews everyone, and nearly everything about them. But when the war came, the people were changed, hardship caused distance, instead of union. Five years later, the war had concluded, and now is the time for new bonds, and for the people ... More...

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Chimeras secret

The basic idea of this game is to lead up to a fight between the doctors of Chimera and the test subjects. As for who will win that will depend on the players perhaps Chimera finds a way to control the minds of the test subjects before they can really and defeat them. Perhaps the subjects will defe ... More...

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OW Community Platform

The OW Community Platform is not a game like the others. Instead, this "game" is a place where the people that make up the Ongoing Worlds Community can design games together and learn more about each other. This particular platform has the advantage of not requiring anyone to make an additional ac ... More...

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After humans tried to purge the monsters and other creatures from the world, only a few monsters were left. The creatures found creative ways to either pass as human, keep out of sight, or become practically invisible to the human eye. A few centuries later, the survivors found that the monsters who ... More...

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Rattkesnake Gulch,Texas

Howdy pardner The year is...ehh, who cares what the year is? Call it sometime after the Civil War and the turn of the century. It's the time of the cowboy and the gunfighter, of railroad and buffalo hunters, of Indian Wars and Colt Peacemakers. The place is a booming little town by the name of ... More...

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Bare Blood

It's a lawless world in the year of 1884. For the United States, anyway. In the old Nevada territory is the region of Sundance (fictional), a lawless and disorderly community with a few towns, camps, and gangs as well. It's a desert-like area, filled with dirt, scattered forests, bushes, and rolling ... More...

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Story Forge: Reforged!

CURRENT ROUND: Judge: GardensTale Title: TENTACLES! Deadline: 7th of June 8 PM, Paris time Writing Prompt: We have always known squids and octopi were smart, but in the near future, we find out they were far, far smarter than we ever thought... ___________________________ Welcome to the Stor ... More...

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Deadlands: The Weird West

Welcome to the Weird West! Imagine a version of the American Old West where scientists have developed air carriages and velocipedes (motorcycles), where a gunfight at high noon might involve someone who is faster than humanly possible, where the dead have risen and as long as they keep their st ... More...

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Two kingdoms

In this game there are two kingdoms called Verden and Dalen. Verden is ruled by the king, Asgurt, who is very just, but all kinds of magic are seen as a threat towards the kingdom and its people. Anyone who is found guilty of practicing magic, helping mages or hiding magical beasts will be execut ... More...

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Tales of Terridia

A story thematically similar to "Chronicles of Narnia." The description will expand as we discover the stories for ourselves. ... More...

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Avengers: Exodus

Manipulating space and time, Dr. Strange traveled to the past to warn the Avengers of the upcoming Infinity War and more importantly, how it would end in disaster for everyone. In an attempt to prevent Thanos from destroying half the multiverse population, Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) performed a ... More...

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Jackalope Crossing

In the middle of the Nevada desert, a few miles outside of Las Vegas, lies a humble little town called Jackalope Crossing. It's typically a pit stop on the road to sin, with many tourists passing to and from Vegas. Sometimes runoff scum from the big city ends up seeping into this quaint little commu ... More...

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