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Bare Blood

It's a lawless world in the year of 1884. For the United States, anyway. In the old Nevada territory is the region of Sundance (fictional), a lawless and disorderly community with a few towns, camps, and gangs as well. It's a desert-like area, filled with dirt, scattered forests, bushes, and rolling ... More...

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Beyond the Ragnarok

New Players Welcome : Please read the game information page before creating a character. The gods are dead. Yggdrasil is sundered and the nine worlds drift within the endless void. On Midgard the winds of magic stir once more as the bastard son of Loki seeks fresh pawns to set upon a board of his ... More...

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Browncoats Unite - Back To The Black

"Crew Needed. Passengers Wanted. Few Questions." Captain Colton Keller didn't have much left after the Unification War and ever since the broadcast Independents who'd previously submitted to the Alliance were rising up. Once a Browncoat, always a Browncoat. A second war was brewing, but wars cost ... More...

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Jackalope Crossing

In the middle of the Nevada desert, a few miles outside of Las Vegas, lies a humble little town called Jackalope Crossing. It's typically a pit stop on the road to sin, with many tourists passing to and from Vegas. Sometimes runoff scum from the big city ends up seeping into this quaint little commu ... More...

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Maelstrom takes place in a steampunk setting where a precious resource called Flagesium powers the remaining bastions of humanity. As far as anyone knows, all humans either live in one of two cities, the floating utopia of Elesium, or the smoggy city below, Dusk. Flagesium is acquired from a great ... More...

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Den of Snakes: A Hogwartzian Tale

The year is 1991 and Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts. Each House stands by anxiously awaiting the results of the sorting ceremony, but this is not the story of The Boy Who Lived. The events laid out in canon books and films will be the backdrop to our own adventures at Hogwarts, but we will focus ... More...

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A New Hope

The Earth was dying and no longer able to sustain life, thus began to construction of the A.R.C.s. Five advanced relocation crafts were designed to transport the last hope of humanity to a new world. 1000 of the world best and brightest, and their families were offered a place on each A.R.C., along ... More...

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Project Madbird (New Members Welcome!)

Cunningham High in New York prides itself on being a prestigious institute for upper class or extraordinarily gifted youth, a place where opportunity is granted freely to those Society feels deserve it. Boasting a large student population of around five thousand pupils and a record number of extracu ... More...

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Xierheart: The Kingdom of Arcadia: Origins of the Dark Lord

A long time ago, before even the greatest of kingdoms were build in Xierheart, people could practice magic of all kinds without restraints. A time where everyone was fighting in eternal war. This was known as the age of Warlords. A time were the name of Soularous was feared among the land. That wa ... More...

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Noro Tokihiro

Sword and Mystics ... More...

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Sin City

Welcome to Las Vegas, Nevada, a city lacking in nothing but human decency. From the most reprehensible carnal urges to insipid, superficial temptations, this stunning metropolis offers access to every possible vice you could imagine... including magic. What would you give to be able to talk to a los ... More...

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Star Wars Rogue Moon

The galaxy is in turmoil, still reeling from the effects of the galactic civil war. Darkness looms in the Unknown Regions and yet there are sparks yet in the Outer Rim. Unbeknownst to a group living on a place known as Rogue Moon, their rather simple station in life will soon shine brighter than the ... More...

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Hero High

Hero High is a floating high school where young super humans are taught how to use their powers. This establishment was created back in the fifties to help super humans learn to control their powers after one to many incidents. Once a child is identified as a super human they are automatically enr ... More...

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Avengers: Exodus

The Infinity War never happened; she accomplished that much. Everything still went horribly wrong, but the Infinity War, at least, was averted. _____________________________________________ Manipulating space and time, Dr. Strange traveled to the past to warn the Avengers of the upcoming Infinity ... More...

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The Black Death

6 months ago the Bubonic plague finally made a fatal turn. The year is 1345 in England and those infected with the Black Death have started becoming... bloodthirsty. It all started when a Lord who was at the brim of dying ate a doctors hand. Later his entire manor went insane; running around wit ... More...

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OW Community Platform

The OW Community Platform is not a game like the others. Instead, this "game" is a place where the people that make up the Ongoing Worlds Community can design games together and learn more about each other. This particular platform has the advantage of not requiring anyone to make an additional ac ... More...

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Area 96

Hi everyone welcome to a strange new game. This is an advantage that will take place in a world with anthropomorphic caricature. You have the option of playing a scientist, a government angent, an experiment or part of the civilian population. Scientists- answer to the government and are respons ... More...

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Nadyun's Miracle

Nadyun was floating through space, aimlessly. Nothing on her mind, other than love. An emotion that lasted her eternity. She had no senses. Only this one emotion, and knowledge. Knowledge of all except for one. Life. She had no understanding on the subject of life. She was existing, but had no conce ... More...

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To the Edge of the World... logo

To the Edge of the World...

This DnD-esque RP tells the tale of a ship sailing westward into the unknown and the adventurers aboard her. Their mission is to explore and chart unknown islands. Maybe you've signed up for adventure! Maybe for gold. Many say that you're crazy and are going to sail right off the edge of the ... More...

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Scrolls of Talantha

Adventures in a medieval world. ... More...

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