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The Scale

The Lizardfolk of The Scale had always been on the sharp end of victories spear. Every attack, every raid, every invasion, loss after loss after loss. Whether it be the Elves in the eastern woods; Dwarves marching from the northern mountains; Human sailors attacking from the southern lake; or the ha ... More...

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Created : Jul 26, 2018

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This is a Special Communication Board for players who are in games owned by Moon-Eye. Heroes under the Moon, Please gather around the Safe Campfire. It's time we talked, over Hot Cocoa and Marshmallows. ...N-no, th-they're not green. ~~Moon-Eye ... More...

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Created : Aug 9, 2018

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The Story Forge

Step up my friends and test your mettle at the Story Forge. Here you will be challenged to create scenes of adventure and intrigue, characters of depth and purpose and twists of plot and word to bring delight to the eyes and mind of your fellow readers. Each fortnight a challenge will be set, a t ... More...

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Created : Jul 9, 2018

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Engines of Chaos logo

Engines of Chaos

The multiverse is in peril, and only you have the means of saving the multiverse from itself. Various factions battle for control of the many universes in an endless war of conquest that costs the lives of innumerable peoples. As these various empires grow, nobody is safe, and somebody has to ma ... More...

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Created : Jul 22, 2018

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Stranded (Continued) logo

Stranded (Continued)

Imagine being in a plane, high up above the world. Your only worry is your destination, Fiji. That is until there's a jolt. The plane drops a few feet before continuing as normal. You glance up at the flight attendants expecting to see relaxed faces looking back at you, instead they were full of wo ... More...

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Created : Aug 16, 2018

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High School Life With Spirits logo

High School Life With Spirits

You are an average human living in the city of Eureka. Whether you are a student at Eureka High or a resident you may find odd happenings. Maybe that has something to do with the Buddhist Temple nearby, where all sorts of strange things have happened. Should you happen to be born with an odd birt ... More...

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Created : May 16, 2018

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Traverse logo


In 2175 over a thousand men and women joined the crew of the sleeper ship Exodus. It's mission: to leave the solar system and travel across the galaxy to Alpha Prime, an Earth-like planet capable of sustaining a colony. The journey would take several hundred years, and the crew would have to be put ... More...

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Created : Apr 6, 2018

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Supernatural logo


Welcome to the world of supernatural where hunting things is your business and business is good. In our game it has been 5 years since a mysterious demon attack that took the lives of Sam and Dean Winchester and it is up to you to fill the hole left by their deaths I am playing victriel a newly ... More...

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Created : Jul 4, 2018

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Stranded logo


Imagine being in a plane, high up above the world. Your only worry is your destination, Fiji. That is until there's a jolt. The plane drops a few feet before continuing as normal. You glance up at the flight attendants expecting to see relaxed faces looking back at you, instead they were full of w ... More...

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Created : May 13, 2018

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No-Mans Land logo

No-Mans Land

The year is 2149, and it has been a ruthless fifty years of corruption, insanity, and mutated freaks. Before then, the world had been at the brink of small nuclear wars building up, but time has passed since those old days. The story usually takes place in the large encampment town of Bourbon, howev ... More...

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Created : Apr 16, 2018

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Two kingdoms logo

Two kingdoms

In this game there are two kingdoms called Verden and Dalen. Verden is ruled by the king, Asgurt, who is very just, but all kinds of magic are seen as a threat towards the kingdom and its people. Anyone who is found guilty of practicing magic, helping mages or hiding magical beasts will be execut ... More...

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Created : Sep 30, 2017

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The Old World - NEW MEMBERS PLEASE logo


Every myth that ever existed is true. Usually-there are some discrepancies. However despite this the mortal human race continues to deny the existence of all kinds of mythological creatures, be they werewolves or rakshasas. Enter the world of the unknown as a human if you wish, or as a creature f ... More...

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Characters : 51

Created : Dec 4, 2017

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Magic Agents (OPEN FOR PLAYERS) logo


(Harry Potter Meets James Bond) In a world of Modern Science and Advanced Technology, Magic and Magicians exist, working in the shadows of Society. In the experimental ocean-based floating city of ATLANTIS, Magic Agents stationed there suffer one attack after another from dark Magic Cabals who ... More...

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Characters : 98

Created : Jul 1, 2016

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Fairy Tail ZERO (CIVIL WAR) logo


Welcome to Fairy Tail Zero. This is a time line when the Mage Guild Fairy Tail has just started its roots, with the First Guild Master as Mavis Vermillion. Become a Mage, meet comrades, and go on ridiculous quests to buil ... More...

Members : 23

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Created : Apr 29, 2016

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Welcome to Hogwarts logo

Welcome to Hogwarts

Headmaster: Minerva McGonagall (Order of Merlin, First Class, Animagus, Merlin Award Winner for Original Magical Research, Transfiguation Today Honorary Editor) Dear Mr/Ms. , We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please ... More...

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Created : May 2, 2018

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The Rebuilding of Oz (need players!) logo

The Rebuilding of Oz (need players!)

It has been a decade since Dorothy Gale killed the Witch of the West, relieving the inhabitants of OZ from her tyrannical reign and returned home to Kansas, while the Wizard sailed away into the sunset. Since then, all of the Land of OZ has adapted to a different life, free from the threat of Evil. ... More...

Members : 6

Characters : 14

Created : May 16, 2017

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Siren ( off script) logo

Siren ( off script)

The costal town of Bristol Cove is just a normal little tourist town. Rich with its legends of once being home to mermaids and local fishing company's..nothing out of the ordinary. But strange things have since the fish got harder to find..break ins at the fish factorys...peoples clothes and t ... More...

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Created : May 11, 2018

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New Mutants logo

New Mutants

The X-Men have disbanded; the world was rid of prejudice against mutants for almost a decade now. However, while a new generation of mutants comes to age, a sharp and sudden rise of violence against them has also appeared all over the globe, and with it, plenty of extremist maniacs who are willing ... More...

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Created : May 11, 2018

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The Dark Children logo

The Dark Children

Carpathians, are a powerful and ancient race. They have many gifts, including the ability to shape-shift, and extended life spans, living for thousands of years. Though they feed on human blood, they don't kill their human prey, and for the most part live among humans without detection. Despite thei ... More...

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Created : Aug 31, 2017

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Laughing Agency (Mystery Fantasy) logo

Laughing Agency (Mystery Fantasy)

(Be Any Creature / Mutant / Supernatural you want - and go on a Modern Adventure) In a world of Modern Science and Technology, you are an 'Unacceptable'. If you are a Witch, Vampire, Werewolf, Centaur, Zombie, Esper, Anti-Psychic, Spirit Medium, Daemon-Slayer, Angel, Lizardman, Mutant, Steam P ... More...

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Created : May 16, 2018

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