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Soloman Scourge

What first seemed like a terrible outbreak is proving to be a lot worse than anyone realized. Before anyone knew it ... it slipped by quarantine. Now it's out. Spreading like wildfire around the world. We don't know how it started or if there is a cure. All we can do right now is try to survi ... More...

Members : 6

Characters : 15

Created : Jun 28, 2019

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The Insane G.M.

A maddened, brain-damaged tabletop RPG game master attempts to navigate the twisted world of ... ONLINE GAMING! ... More...

Members : 3

Characters : 3

Created : Jul 27, 2019

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Evil tourist

A normal family is visiting Barcelona (Spain). They come from Xiamen (China) and will be staying at the Mediterranean city for some days. Ying Yue, the youngest daughter, has had a strange cough since they were waiting at the airport for boarding the long distance plane. She and her family have ju ... More...

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Created : Jun 19, 2019

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Scrolls of Talantha

Adventures in a medieval world. ... More...

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Characters : 7

Created : Oct 1, 2018

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Engines of Chaos

The multiverse is in peril, and only you have the means of saving the multiverse from itself. Various factions battle for control of the many universes in an endless war of conquest that costs the lives of innumerable peoples. As these various empires grow, nobody is safe, and somebody has to ma ... More...

Members : 10

Characters : 46

Created : Jul 22, 2018

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..........And the dead will walk the Earth logo

..........And the dead will walk the Earth

This is a generic free form Zombie Survival roleplay set in the iconic backdrop of the Romero zombie spectacular! All lore pertaining to zombies will come solely from the works of the famed George A Romero. ... More...

Members : 5

Characters : 5

Created : Jun 12, 2019