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This is an experiment on writing practice using prompts. Each week, I will post three random words and the idea is to incorporate them into a quote, scene, or short dialogue exchange. Context isn't required but feel free to add it if you want. Think of this as snippets of someone's life or a film ... More...

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Created : Mar 14, 2022

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God's Forsaken

During the year 1340 AD, King Edward III united with various other royalty of Europe to commit a Ninth Crusade of Jerusalem. The war lasted for five long years, the holy ground was stained in the blood of innocents. However, the crusade was a success, and the Catholic Church claimed Jerusalem. It wa ... More...

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Created : Mar 15, 2022

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The Elder Scrolls: Prelude to Oblivion

This game is meant to be a coop version of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion starting off 3 months before and leading up to the assassination of Emperor Uriel Septim VII. There will be a main quest with the Heroes of Cyrodiil. Adventurers and Heroes of Cyrodiil These characters will be playing thro ... More...

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Created : Mar 2, 2021

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Into the Jaws of Oblivion

When the end came, we were not ready. But then, how could any of us predict what was to come on that fateful day? It began when the sky itself split open with an eruption of inky blackness that obscured the sun beneath its black embrace. At first we all thought it was an eclipse of the sun and mo ... More...

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Created : May 16, 2021

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Isolution: The Apocalypse [BIO]

Isolution is a game created by JonRedd Celso, it is a game where your character LioxSean along with other characters stop villains from destroying places, planets, galaxies, time and even the universe. But in this case, Isolution: The Apocalypse is from a different timeline where your character A ... More...

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Created : Feb 14, 2021

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Spacestronauts! A 50s Sci-Fi Adventure!

By the year 1955 B.T.Y. Humanity has reached far into the stars, having almost fully mapped out the Galaxy (through help from many sources, such as giant sentient space dolphins which map whole star clusters with their sonar blasts). Through the thousands of years it took for this to be accomplished ... More...

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Created : Oct 4, 2020

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Plague of The Walking Dead

18+ Only Based pre-season 1 of The Walking Dead where everything just happened, and people are having to rebuild and learn how the navigate the world. Rules: 1. Characters and players must be 18+ 2. Canon and OC allowed 3. No godmodding 4. No powerplaying 5. NSFW posts allowed, just tag ... More...

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Created : Apr 26, 2023