Fight for survival! Days After.

Some might say that traveling at night isn't the greatest idea normally. Well after the collapse of Civilization, traveling at night hasn't gotten any better. Although it does have it's advantages. That is, if you don't run into the flesh eating zombies. Or even worse, the gangs that now think they run the place.
The city has gotten especially dangerous. With the large amount of people, it's no wonder that when the virus took over and the world came crumbling that it left room for a lot of flesh eaters to walk the once busy streets, now still and abandoned. The slim amount of humans that actually survived, uninfected have either grouped up with the large gangs that had formed. Or they run solo just trying their best to stay alive on their own. To survive you must scavenge, steal, whatever it takes to get the resources needed to live another day.
Many of the buildings that still stand have been emptied during the first few days of the outbreak. Though on the rare occasion, if looking hard enough, you can still find resourceful items that might help you survive another day.

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