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You can now request your game to be private

Private sign

Okay so private games are now officially live

This is a feature requested by several people in our latest questionnaire.

I actually hope not many people request this, as it seems against the spirit of open, sharing, inclusive roleplay. But I know people require privacy, which is why I’ve provided it as an option, and if you want create your own game, using a random game generator could be the best option for this.

With a private game:

  • All posts are private – They can only be seen by logged-in members
  • Same for all characters
  • Pending members can’t see any characters or posts until they’re approved
  • Private games still show on the homepage and in the search – Or nobody would ever find them to join!

How to make your game private

This is a donation-only feature, because of the additional work and moderation that it requires.

  1. You need to have created a game already
  2. Go to the donations page and select the “Make your game private” perk
  3. During the donation you’ll be asked which game you want to make private
  4. Because this is a new feature there’s a manual step involved. Behind the scenes I’ll make your game private asap.