Play by post games

Think of your favourite story, it might be a TV series or book or comic. Now imagine that you've created a character in the story. As the writer of that character you can affect the story and choose what happens next.

But remember, the story isn't decided. There will be other players who are each writing about their characters in the same story. The story might not go the way you thought it would, the direction is constantly changing!

You can create your own game with your own story, or you can join one that already exists.

Create your own game

Easily add new members Help

Edit your Character Profile page Help

Split characters into Groups Help

  • Customise your character groups. Eg a Star Trek game might have 'Command, Engineering, Security, Science', a fantasy game might have 'Humans, Werewolves, Vampires' etc.
  • New members will choose which group their character needs to below to
  • The GM can change which group a character is in

Removing a member Help

  • When removing a member, you can choose to also delete their characters
  • If a deleted member's character remains, these can be 'adopted' by any other member

Deleting your game Help

  • You can delete your game which also deletes all characters
  • Or you can unsubscribe, leaving a game without a GM
  • Another member could then claim to be the GM of your game
Create your own new game!

Join an existing game

Apply to join a game Help

  • Create a bio for the character you want to play
  • The GM will Approve or Deny you based on the bio
  • If Approved, your character will be added to the Characters page, and you will be able to post your first story
  • If Denied, you will be emailed with reasons from the GM

Add multiple characters Help

  • Each member can have more than one character
  • Create a bio for your new character
  • Your new character has to be approved by a moderator

Tag a character in your post Help

  • When writing a post, you can tag a character
  • Tagging a character shows a thumbnail of the character when reading the post
  • Tagging a character will automatically send an email to the Member who owns the character

Adopting another character Help

  • If a member is deleted or unsubscribes, you can 'adopt' their character, making it your own

If the GM leaves the game Help

  • If a GM unsubscribes from the game, you could claim to be the new GM
  • You would have the ability to make changes to the game
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