Fight for survival! Days After.

Louise Clairmont, a young 29 year old woman, quietly used the cover of night to do her scavenging. With her blonde hair pulled back into a messy bun, her green eyes skimmed the darkened streets. Empty from what her eyes could see, but she knew it might not stay that way for too long. Shifting the backpack on her shoulder she drew in a breath, calming her nerves before making a mad dash across the silent road. Her destination, a small convenient store. She was hoping that it would still have some salvageable items that she could collect. Mainly food. She was starting to run low, only a days worth left if that.
Reaching the door to the small store she pushed it open, trying to stay as quiet as possible. Slipping through the gap she let the door fall closed quietly behind her. Peering around the store it looked just like all the others in the city. Rummaged through, everything scattered about. Broken jars lay scattered on the ground making the floors sticky with their contents in some areas.
Louise took a moment to survey her surroundings. Once she felt like it was safe enough she began to make her way cautiously through the aisles. Taking the time to look through the items that remained intact, carefully putting things into her bag as she began her night of looting.

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