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DC: War for Tomorrow logo

DC: War for Tomorrow

10 years ago, the world went to shit. The Justice League lost, and Lex Luthor became the leader of the free world. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Shazam, etc. All dead. Gone, taken out by Luthor's pet, Doomsday. A Doomsday infused with Fear Toxin and Bane's Venom. Now ... More...

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Characters : 42

Created : Sep 2, 2019

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Among Us logo

Among Us

In the year 2033, the First One was born. Since then, many children around the world have been born with extraordinary abilities. The only problem is, with some power comes instability. Some users have the unfortunate curse of being corrupted by the use of their powers. The police have bee ... More...

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Created : Sep 9, 2019

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Young Justice logo

Young Justice

Happy Harbor Current Day So you're a sidekick? Us too, though we'd prefer to be called 'proteges,' sounds much more dignified, doesn't it? It's not like we stand around waiting to hand out water to a real hero, we're in the thick of things, fighting crime just like them, sometimes even more so. ... More...

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Created : Oct 20, 2019

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Engines of Chaos Redux logo

Engines of Chaos Redux

As the old order that kept balance in the multiverse fell into decline, various groups exploited the situation to amass wealth and forge vast multi-universal empires, crushing the lives of countless people in the process. Although there has been much resistance to their expansion, it has ultimately ... More...

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Created : Apr 28, 2019

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Our Hero Academia

This Game plays 25 years after a new hero called Deku appeared. For playing this you need to know the story about My Hero Academia. You can use whatever Quirk you want. Even self created. Have fun! ... More...

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Created : Dec 1, 2019

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Avengers: Exodus logo

Avengers: Exodus

Manipulating space and time, Dr. Strange traveled to the past to warn the Avengers of the upcoming Infinity War and more importantly, how it would end in disaster for everyone. In an attempt to prevent Thanos from destroying half the multiverse population, Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) performed a ... More...

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Created : Dec 30, 2018

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Hero High

Hero High is a floating high school where young super humans are taught how to use their powers. This establishment was created back in the fifties to help super humans learn to control their powers after one to many incidents. Once a child is identified as a super human they are automatically enr ... More...

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Created : Apr 19, 2014

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