Jarvis voice spoke through Ami's computer at around two am , waking her up "Ms. Stark you have an encrypted message coming through " he said

Ami groaned and sat up, saying, "Sweep for bugs, viruses, and malicious code."

"Already done. Nothing detected."

"Open it, but keep scanning."

In the message was a coded message "Antidote. 123-57374w- 23s. Alone."

"JARVIS, do we know who sent this?" Ami asked.

"Not at the moment," the computer said.

"Alert Fury," she said, getting out of bed. "Tell him to be close but unseen. If this is who I think it is, I want him back in custody at the end of this."

She put her suit on and flew to the location given to her. At first she thought it was a goose chance. This place was about an hour away and in the middle of nowhere in a swam. a literal swamp. Right where the coordinates were there was nothing but a log in the middle of the water. She was just about to leave when she notices a note stuck to the log "I knew you wouldn't come alone, ditch the suit and go for a swim heading north, you'll know when to stop, better hurry you and your brothers lives depend on it, oh and this time make sure your alone, there wont be another chance" it said in scripted writing

"Damn it," she muttered.

She knew it was stupid, but no one else had any way of saving Tony. Her wound was a through-and-through, so her poisoning was slower but the doctors all agreed that she was dying. She took off the suit, placing her phone inside.

"Oh, this is going to be nasty," she said. "JARVIS, fly the suit west."

"Ma'am?" the now auto-controlled suit asked.

"Do it! And take the note with you. Tell Fury to follow."

"Your brother will not like this."

"I know, but I'll risk everything to save him. Now go."

She got into the water and began swimming just as the suit disappeared. She went under the water, knowing that everything would look just as it should, like she was going to a new location. When she couldn't hold her breath another second, she rose to the surface and kept heading north.

After swimming for a good half an hour at least she saw a lantern sitting on a log in the distance

Finally, she thought. She felt tired. Lack of sleep from worrying about herself and Tony on top of her nightmares was weighing on her. She moved towards the lantern, praying it was time to stop. She came up to the log, wrapping her arm around it to attempt to pull herself out of the water, but lacking the strength.

She could see a note underneath the lantern. She wanted to groan but looked at the note instead. Fighting how weak she felt, she pulled herself up to see the note better.

'information is not free, you want my help taking down hydra? then you and your brother and fury will be doing something for me. For now thee antidotes are in this log, but know this, i set the rules here, step out of line and ill finish the job the poison started, youll be hearing from me soon, W"

Amelia curled up and cried. Tony could never learn about how she got the antidote to save him. And now, she felt like she had just become his puppet. Who knew what he would have her do? That thought filled her with anger, and that rage dried the tears.

She dreaded the swim back with the antidote or the walk to the house. But she didn't have a choice. By the time she made it back to the house, she was beyond exhausted. Her suit appeared as she stepped up to the door.

"Ms. Stark, you must-" it began.

"Just give me control of the damn suit so I can go to the hospital!" she growled.
Two Days Later...

Ami sat next to Tony's bed. She didn't dare rest until she knew he would wake up. One of the house doctors came in and did his usual check ups "hes still stable ms stark, thats a good sign"

She nodded, praying that the antidote would kick in soon and he would wake up. The doctor then came to her. He looked her over and sighed.

"You, however, need sleep," the doctor said.

"No," she said. "I will not leave him alone, not until I know the treatment worked."

"hurting yourself wont change the out come of that" pepper said walking in "go get some sleep ami" when she went to speak pepper continued "i wasnt asking, i already made you food its in your room make sure to eat it before you go to sleep" she said putting her hand on her shoulder "Ill wake you if anything changes"

Ami didn't have any fight left. After everything and watching her phone for any more messages from him, she didn't have any fight left in her. At least, not this day.

"Okay," Ami said.

She went to her room to sleep, silent tears falling.
She didnt know how long she had been to sleep when she was suddenly woken up by a strong hand covering her mouth

She wanted to fight and scream, but the moonlight streaming through her window lit up a set of blue eyes. Eyes she hated... got drowned in... wanted to forever be lost in. But still, panic filled her as she felt like the night she had been stabbed. Her body was stiff and her breathing fast. She stared up at the man, waiting.

His grip on her mouth tightened, it was painful but yet she could still breath. He bent down and she could feel his lips near her ear "make a sound and the deal is off" he said as his warm breath heated her ear and neck. He pulled back and looked at her, his face close but far enough away she could see ever feature "nod if you understand" he whispered

She nodded, wanting to hate the heat pooling below just from his voice. He removed is hand and moved back "grab your suit and follow me and anyone who tries to stop us ill kill so you better be stealthy doll"

She wanted to be angry at the nickname but just put on her suit. She followed after him, her suit surprisingly quiet as they made their way to her balcony. She didn't know what to do next and had to resist the urge to ask. Though, part of her hoped he would have her carry him so she could "accidentally" drop him in the ocean.

Once there he turned towards her "now...ready to die?" he asked and just as she was about to reply he grabbed her by the throat and threw her over the balcony, when she went to employ her suit, she found he had taken her control bracelet off

"Nonononon!" she said, panicking.

She hit the water, instinctually reaching out to try and grab something. She didn't expect to take hold of anything, much less a net. After what seemed like forever he suddenly jumped down into the boat, his metal arm lifted her like she weighed nothing into the boat. A thick blanket wet over her shoulders and he took the wheel of the boat and started driving. He was going so fast the wind felt like knives against her skin "keep warm and stay down" he aid not looking t her

She was shivering so hard, she thought she break her teeth from chattering. However, she managed to stutter out, "I don't understand."

Then, her eyes started to get heavy. Lack of sleep was catching up to her and all she wanted was sleep. She didnt know when it would happen and she honestly shouldnt have been able to but she fell asleep. She knew that because when she woke up she found herself in a unfamiliar room laying on a bed

"The actual fuck?" she whispered.

She took the pamphlet from beside the bed and was shocked. It was a picture of the Eiffel Tower. She looked down when she felt the blankets move over her. She breathed a sigh of relief that she was wearing a shirt.

But then, her cheeks turned red knowing that she had to have been changed out of her wet clothes and she hadn't been the one to do it. Embarrassment played first, knowing who had seen her as they changed her. Then, shame at the scar she had over her heart from her stab wound. She looked up when the door open, trying to keep from crying at the thought of one more person being disgusted by the pale patch of flesh.

He was shirtless, oh god he was shirtless. His chest was covered in scars, but they only made his strong looking chest seem more manly. His pants hugged his strong frame just right below his hips making him look even better and more hot then she should be thinking he is "here" he said throwing her a bag "eat this and then get ready, you have a job to do"

She caught the food in time, using it to keep her from looking at and drooling over her kidnapper. But why did that make him even hotter to her? I need to stop reading dark romances.

"What the hell is going on?" she asked between bites. "And what did you do? Why did-"

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