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Summary: It's not that we have darkness, but how we use it that defines us.

Arillyn Stark

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Gender: Female

Age: 21

Group: Heroes




The Elemental

Powers (if any)

Able to use the elements of Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water to battle

Physical Appearance

See pic

Personality and interests

She is shy, but once she gets to know you, she becomes a chatterbox. She enjoys quiet, books, and helping Tony with his suits.


After she and her twin sister fell from one universe to another, they lost many of their memories. Originally named Emily Wake, she was adopted by Tony Stark at the age of 14. She asked for her name to be changed, hoping to escape the trauma from her past.

She couldn't change how she felt or acted, but becoming Tony's daughter gave her confidence she didn't have before. She became a bit sassier, something her loves use to their advantage when she goes into Brat Mode.

Preferred Weapon (if any)

Elemental blasts, daggers, and staff

Love Interest(s)

Bucky Barnes and Loki Laufeyson

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Image of Arillyn Stark
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