It had been hours that they went down to the lab with the strange man. Peper was upstairs with Ami "the foods ready if you want some" she said in a low tone like she was lost in thought

"Has the guy we brought in had any food?" Ami asked. "If not, he can have mine. I'm not hungry."

Pepper sighed "ami seriously if you dont stop acting like some love structed teen im going to start to think foul play is at foot"

"You didn't see his eyes, Pep," Ami said. "He was hurt. I don't think he was willingly a part of whatever that woman was doing. As if I'd fall for someone with... haunting blue eyes."

She gave her a look "would you listen to yourself, do you really think what your saying is normal at all? especially for you , your just as bad as tony with all the visitors your invite to your room"

"Then, you know this is probably fleeting and to let me have my fun," said Ami. "Look, unlike Tony, I at least treat the men and women I bring to bed with enough respect to give them food first." She moved away from her computer. "So, if you don't mind, I'm going to see what the pirate emailed me about. I believe Dad's already there, Mom." She grabbed her coat on the way out, but paused in the doorway. "You and Tony need to stop acting like I'm a kid all the time. Even if I did have a crush on him, or fell in love at first sight, I'm mature enough to know that acting on that fantasy shit will only end one way. I'm not an idiot."

She walked out of the house and got into her sports car. She peeled out of the driveway, angry that no one had faith in her. She made her way to SHIELD HQ, ready to punch Tony if he even thought about insinuating that she couldn't handle being around this guy without wanting to jump him.

As she walked in, the look on her face must have been warning enough, but he didn't say anything, though he did glare at her and Fury.

"Five minutes and no more" Tony said in a serious tone , one that let her know he meant every word

"Whatever," she said, grabbing the snack bowl from the room and a bottle of Cola before entering the interrogation room. "I brought something to eat and drink." He sat up straighter. "Look, they just want to know who the woman is, what you wanted my suit and brother's blueprints for, and why you were at the Expo. Me..." she sat down, "I want to know why you stared at me the way you did. It was like-"

"a distraction, noting more" he said coldly "and your wasting your time, i will not talk" he said

Ami couldn't help the hurt that went through her, or welled up in her eyes, but nothing else seemed to show it. She had learned to mask many of her emotions with sarcasm or indifference. She got up and went to leave, but stopped.

"You know," she said, "it's okay to not be okay. Just ask, and I'll come talk to you. It doesn't have to be about anything in particular." She looked back at him. "But thank you for at least speaking to me. Now, I can make sure I don't fall for the same trick twice."

Winter put his head down, looking at the laughable handcuffs on his wrists. With flashes of memories playing, he had to keep this woman away from him. The moment he saw her, his world converged on her. She was a light in the darkness that surrounded him. Most people looked at him like he was a demon, and maybe he was. But not her. Not Amelia Stark. She looked at him like she understood soul-crushing pain, and saw the broken man inside. It took Litha yelling through their comms for him to snap out of the fantasy he had been dragged into and think to grab the suitcase.

No. Not Litha and not Winter. His name was... he couldn't remember yet, but he knew Litha and Winter were not their real names. He just had to remember.

He looked up as the door opened. Part of him hoped it was Amelia. He wanted to take his words back, but he knew he couldn't without putting her in danger. Just to see her would be enough for him. Instead, her brother came back, and Winter sighed.

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