One month later

For an entire month Sheild had him, trying to get information from him. Ami could see Tonys patience was gone "then let me try!" tony yelled "no, we need him alive and not more broken " furys voice said through the speaker "you want results ill get you results so what if he dies at the end of it the world would be better off" he said pouring himself a drink "the answer is no stark, we will get what we need but your way is not the way " fury said "your way is not working" tony replied

"You know," Ami said, leaning against the door, "instead of looking at him like an enemy, maybe see him as a potential ally? He has a serious amount of information in his head. Enough that games don't work on him. Don't play with him, and he won't hide things."

"You've been keeping up with his interrogations?" Fury asked.

"More than that," she said, "I've been looking at his body language. He gives very little away. You are looking at a man who has no reason to say anything to you. He has nothing to lose. What do you do with a man who has nothing to lose?"

"Give him something to care about," Fury said. "You're up, Amelia."

"Fuck that," she said. "He won't fall for me just appearing and I'm not a puppet on strings. You want to play with his emotions, find some other bimbo. I'm sure Tony can hook you up."

"well since time is a concern and we have apparently run out of options I guess your up mr stark, make sure you wait until we get what we need until you kill him, either way you have a week, if we cant get anthing out of him kill him, at least then hydra wont have him either" fury said and hung up "finally!' tony said

"Don't you dare!" Ami said, blocking him from leaving. "How can you even think of hurting him?! You're supposed to be a hero!"

"heros do what need to be done and you not understanding that and still acting like a child is exactly why everyone still treats you like one Ami" he said in a disappointed tone "now move and im only saying it once"

"Not a chance," Ami said. "Heroes save lives. We don't take them if we can help it. I have a lot of respect for you, Tony. I always have. But you being so willing to do this to do this... I'm fast losing that respect." She dialed a number on her phone. "Fury, you want someone who can humanely get him to talk, I'll do it."

"you have a week" he said and hung up , tony glared "its inevitable ami , he is going to die one way or another" he said "Jarvis escort her" he said and left the room

Ami just flipped him the bird and left. She went into the SHIELD building and no one said anything to her. She opened the door to the interrogation room and nearly gasped. The stranger looked tired, even like he was waiting for a beating.

"Expecting someone else?" she asked, causing his head to snap to her as she closed the door. "Can I get a name this time? I like knowing who I'm talking to."

"just surprised your still alive" he said in a low tone "and my name doesnt matter"

Ami looked confused and said, "Of course, I'm still alive. But I can always call you Big Blue if you want." She blushed a little, seeing his eyes darken a bit. "I've been told you're my new best friend this week. It was me, being nice, or my brother forcing information out of you before killing you. With me, there's a chance at life." She sat down. "They just want some info, and I'm willing to earn it. Big or small. A name, who you work for," she looked down, her blush darkening as she played with her nails, "anything to keep you around longer."

He was silent for a moment "I have nothing for you" he said in a serious tone "and i am not afraid of death so its not much of a threat to me"

"Look, I'm trying to help!" Ami said, exasperated. "Hell, my brother didn't even want me here! I went against the only family I have left to save your ass, the least you can do is give me a fucking name!"

"why should I care about you or your family issues, you mean nothing to me little girl" he said in a harsh tone

She slammed her hands on the table and yelled, "Well, you became something to me!" She sighed. "I saw a man drowning and I want to help. Fuck everything else. Yes, you're... attractive and the look in your eyes... not your face, but your eyes..." She stood up. "You don't have to care about me, but I'm not giving up on you. I'm going to grab us some real food, not the shit they have here, and maybe, just maybe, you'll see the lifeline I'm offering."

She left, her fists clenched. His head started to hurt as he had flashes of memory in his mind of his sister yell at him "thats right I have a sister, Litha. But thats not her real name.....whats her name?" he groan as more pain assaulted his head "Fuck! " he yelled in his head as the pain in his head grew worse and he started sweating and squeezed his eyes shut
30 minutes later...

"I got cheeseburgers!" she said, holding up three bags from Burger King. "And I got a portable Blu-ray player! Thought we could watch a movie!"

She was acting like nothing had happened. Like they were old friends catching up. He didn't understand her logic or approach at all.

"I have three movies we can choose from," she said, moving her chair next to him and setting the food out. She even made sure he could reach it all easily with his hands chained to the table. "We can watch Die Hard, The Notebook, or Lord of the Rings. I like all three of them, but you can choose."

He started blankly at her and didnt speak but she saw his eyes quickly glance at the lord of the rings though he tried to hide it

She smiled and said, "You know what? I think a good bit of fantasy is in order. You know, escape for a bit? I have all three movies and all three of the Hobbit. Let's just do a marathon."

She put the first movies up and put the first Hobbit movie in to play before sitting back and eating her food. When she noticed he wasn't eating but staring intently at the screen, she became concerned.

She placed her hand gently on his right forearm and asked, "Are you okay? You look ready to cry."

He jumped like he had been lost in thought, she watched his expression grow cold again and he jerked his arm away from her touch and glared at her

"Geez, sorry," she said. "Just thought I'd be nice." She took a bite of food, before laughing. "I always did like Bilbo's excitement at going on an adventure. Kind of wonder what it would be like, to just leave everything behind and travel for a bit. Just live, you know?" But then, her face fell and she touched her chest over her heart. "But I don't think I can. Not when that woman is still out there. She stole my life." She looked at him. "But then again, she means something to you, right? You're protecting her, aren't you? Is that why you won't say anything? Because if you do, something happens to her?"

For a second, she saw emotion come to his eyes, a longing for something and sadness. But it was gone as quickly as it came "I dont know what your talking about" he said

She smiled at him, like she had discovered a priceless treasure, before sitting back in her chair and said, "Say what you want, Big Blue, but I know love when I see it."

"not from what i have heard" he said looking back at the tv

"Not in my personal life, no," she agreed. "But my brother, you bet your ass I know what love is. I'm forced to watch it every day." She sighed. "You need to eat, Big Blue. I'm not collecting samples or anything. And it won't bite." When he went to say something, she shoved a burger into his mouth, a teasing look on her face. "Gotcha!" She laughed. "Now, eat. It's kind of fun having you around."

He stared at her for a moment and then slowly started to chew but she could tell he was not happy about it, the way he chewed let her know he was starving but doing his best to hide it. He started eating like a staring person, shoving the food in his mouth like his life depended on it

"Whoa, slow down," she said. "No one's going to steal your food." She held out a cup. "Here. I didn't know what you'd want to drink, so I got water and-" He snatched it and began gulping. "Whoa. Okay, then."

But in her mind, there were tears. Who hurt you, Big Blue? She tried to be sly and put her fries in with the rest of his, but his head turned to her.

"I know you don't want sympathy," she said. "Or pity. I'm not that hungry, is all."

He slowly looked back at the food and began to eat again, after a moment and after the food was gone he sat back and closed his eyes. She didn't speak and focused on the movie, figuring he was just enjoying being full. A few minutes passed and she was just about to make some silly comment about a scene that just happened when his head fell on her shoulder

She smiled and just let him rest. It wasn't even ten minutes later that she also fell asleep, her arms having snaked around his.
On the other side of the one-way mirror, Fury and Tony stood.

"She made more progress in an hour than you did in a month," Fury said.

"And I don't like it," Tony snapped.

"we checked her like you asked, their is no foul play, you even checked her and found nothing, for some reason she likes him" Fury said "either way we can use that to our advantage" he said

tony gave him a look "we are not using my sister for anything, in fact this is the last time she will ever be in the same room as that monster" he said walking out of the room

"what should we do sir?" asked the agent walking in "nothing, he knows we have other options"

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