3 hours later

Amelia woke up, feeling the need to stretch. She opened her eyes to a pair of blue eyes looking down at her with an unreadable expression. It took her a moment, but then she slowly sat up and went to untangle her arms from his.

"I'm sorry," she said, stammering over her words. "I didn't mean to fall asleep on you. You just looked peaceful and the movie was long without anyone to talk to and-"

Tony barged in "ami get away from him now!" he yelled storming over

"What the hell, Tony?!" Ami asked, standing up. "Why are you even here?!"

HE reached her and grabbed her by the arm yanking her up and moving her away from him as men came in and grabbed bucky roughly. They pinned him down to the ground and began searching him "what the hell is wrong with you I have never see you act this stupid our whole lives!" he yelled

"What the fuck are you talking about?! Just tell me what's happening!" She looked between Big Blue and Tony. "Tony, I can't know what's going on if you don't say anything. He didn't hurt me or anythi-"

"we got it sir" one of the gaurds said holding up Ami's phone. Tony looked at her and what she saw hurt, he was disappointed. He just shook his head and unlike he he just turned and walked away from her without saying another word

She just stared at the phone in disbelief. The men sat Big Blue back in his seat. Before he had a chance to say anything, even if he had tried to defend himself, she slapped him. She couldn't help herself and tears of anger and hurt formed.

"I was trying to be nice," she said, barely above a whisper but he heard the pain all the same.

She left the room. She didn't bother to stop as Fury stood in the hall. She went straight out of the building and saw Tony waiting by their cars.

"Stay to say I told you so?" she asked, as she fought the tears. "Well save it, okay." She looked at him, devastation washing over her. "I just..." The tears finally fell. "I wanted to do something good and it bit me in the ass! You were right, okay?! I was stupid and naive and..." She felt Tony hug her. "I just wanted to be like mom."

"mom was mom, your ami, stop trying to follow in her foots steps and figure out who you want to be, in the mean time stop fighting me so much, let me help you while you figure it out, everything i do is for the good of this family, in the future please keep that in mind the next time im trying to help" he said

She looked up at him, gave a smile through her tears, and said, "Is that why I keep falling for assholes?"

"nah thats just hormones now get in I have damage control to do, he was able to send out a message and im not takin any chances , your going with pepper to the safe house"

Ami didn't argue. She wanted far away from SHIELD for the day. Still, she called tony on the car phone.

"You never said what alerted you," she said. "You know I have to go talk to him again tomorrow. Just because he did a shitty thing doesn't mean I'm backing out of what I agreed to. I'll have an agent in the room with me this time, but please just tell me so I can be prepared."

"ami no...no more, you need to stop your obsession with this monster" he said in a serious tone "I meant it ami, stop now before anything else happens or..." He didnt get to finish before he was sent flying back as the snipper bullet hit him in the arm with such force it took him off his feet

Ami jumped out of the car, not having stated it yet. People were running away, but Ami ran to her brother. She went to pull out her suitcase from Tony's car, cursing herself for having left it behind before.

"Before you say anything," she said, activating the suit. "It wasn't about him anymore. I had an obligation. I said I would get information." Her visor went down. "Now, I'm getting it." She turned away. "This bitch and her partner are not getting away with trying to take you too."

She flew into the air, scanning the rooftops.
Fury went into the interrogation room, sat down and said, "You effectively destroyed your one chance at freedom. You know that?" He tossed the file in front of him. "We did facial recognition and one of my top agents compiled this. The Winter Soldier. Half of a duo. Never would have guessed a war hero would fall so far, but then again-"

But a commotion interrupted him. But Bucky didn't look at the file and all the deaths he had caused. He didn't need to. No, his mind was preoccupied with something else. His mind was full of flashing memories and pain. It shouldn't bother him what he did with the phone. But it did. He felt like he was about to split in half "but then again you lose" he said with anger in his tone from the pain. He needed to leave this place and fast, that ami girl was messing with his head and that was dangerous. He shouldnt have wanted to kiss her as she slept , she shouldnt be causing him pain like this either. Yet he also was worried about her, he made sure to tell her to keep ami alive but if ami forces her hand he knew litha wouldn't hesitate to kill her. That thought alone seem to spark something in him. He suddenly broke the cuffs that had been on him , Fury stood up just in time to move away from him and pull out his gun. Winter threw the table at him and sent him flying backwards and he quickly made his way to the exit, ready to kill anyone who was in his way
"Damn it!" Ami said. "Where is she?!"

"Miss," JARVIS said, "the prisoner is leaving the building. He escaped."

"As if this couldn't get any worse."

She went back down and blocked Tony from view as Big Blue stepped out. All the pain hit her again.

"You know," she said, causing him to stop in his tracks, "usually people have the decency to either apologize for being a dick or they stay away. You aren't doing either. Based on the fact my brother got shot, I'm guessing you contacted the woman who tried to kill me."

"says the women whose family fortune is built on blood and the lives of innocents " he said with a glare "just because you stay away from the filth you cause and hide away in your masons does not absolve your guilt, you and your family have murdered more people then i have ever killed, even if i tried to catch up you would still have more kills then me by the millions" he said in a disgusted tone "so who really is the bad guy here?" he said just before a helicopter suddenly appeared and started firing at Ami and tony

Ami turned to shield Tony from the bullets. She suppressed a gasp of pain as best as she could as one bullet managed to pierce the armor and lodge itself in her upper thigh. She fought to not go down on her knee from the pain when the bullets suddenly stopped. When she looked p she had just enough time to see bucky piloting the helicopter away

"I have to get him back!" she said but when she went to stand, her leg gave out and she collapsed next to Tony, "Well, this is a real shit fest."

When he didnt responsed and she looked over at him she sould tell he was really pale and looked sick.

"Tony?" Ami asking, tears free falling. "Tony! Please! I can't lose you too!" She had JARVIS analyze him. "Hospital! Right!"

She flew him there, JARVIS in her ear about his condition. The doctors moved fast to try and figure out what was wrong.

Ami waited long enough for Pepper to arrive. Anger coursing through her, she went to look for the two people who had answers. She had also been shot, and if Tony was dying, she was too.

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