Check point

"on my way meet at the check point" litha said into his ear peace as his bike booked it down the road. Getting the case had been easy enough even though it was not their original target but a bonus. He rounded a corner going so fast he felt his knee brush the road as he leaned to turn. He noticed a pair of head lights coming up fast behind him "got a stalker" he said and a moment later litha voice said "eta two minutes". He was far enough away but close enough to the check point that he decided to face the trouble maker head on. With a squeal of his tires he turned around and headed right toward the person on the bike

Who is this guy? Ami thought.

She sped up, mimicking him. Her collection of demolished bikes in the backyard served as a warning to anyone and a reminder to her of how she liked to play Chicken. This was her game and this man wasn't going to win.

He came at her head on, it was clear he wasnt budging or scared

Ami smiled. A man just as gutsy as she was. She wouldn't have backed down, but her headlight flashed on someone walking out of a nearby alley. Someone who haunted her dreams. She lost focus and the bike crashed just before it could collide with the man's. Without the proper gear, her legs and arms were scratched to hell with Road Rash. She hurt but she could at least say all the practice in the past paid off. No broken bones.

The man brought his bike to a halt and walked up to the women of her nightmares. They said something to each other but she couldn't hear what it was all she knew was the women was looking at her like she was ready to finish the job. The women turn toward her like she was about to walk over to her and she froze her in fear. Suddenly a flash of light went right towards the women. The man jumped up and with his metal arm slammed into whatever it was before it reached the women "leave" he yelled to the women and with a nod she got on his bike and sped off. Ami now was able to tell that flash of light was Tony. Him and the metal arm man where now in a full on brawl

"What did you do to my sister?!" Tony yelled.

Ami was crying. Everything hurt. But she had to stop the fighting.

"Tony!" Ami said, trying to stand. "Toss me the suitcase!"

It's like he didn't hear her, she could tell Tony want giving everything he had to hurt this man. But the man was also getting some hits on him that were more then enough to make her worry about her brother

With a groan, she got up and went to the case. Using the fingerprint scanner, she unlocked it and put it on. The tight fit hurt, but there was enough adrenaline coursing through her that she managed to raise her hand and shoot into the wall behind the two men, grabbing their attention.

"You're coming with us," Ami said the the stranger.

It was like a stand off, they all were waiting for someone to make a move. A car suddenly came speeding down the road and Ami and Tony knew it was pepper. But that was the starting gun. The man slammed his metal fist into Tony's chest sending him flying into the car window making it swerve off the road and into the grass

Ami then slammed into the man, forcing him into the wall. Every part of her body screamed in protest.

"Why did you protect me at the Expo?!" Ami asked between punches. He didn't answer. He hit her hard crossed the face with a right hook, hard enough her vision blurred and her ears rang

Tony jumped back in and tackled the man, punching him hard. Ami shook her head to get everything to focus, when she did, she tried to pull Tony off of the other man.

"You're killing him!" Ami said.

"Exactly!" Tony yelled.

Ami had enough and threw Tony back. She took off her mask and looked the man over. Tears filled her eyes, though she knew they shouldn't, not with her and that woman working together.

"JARVIS, read vitals," she said.

"Everything is fine," said the computer. "He's just knocked out."

Ami breathed a sigh of relief, then turned to her brother. "We need him alive to find the woman that attacked me, or did you not think of that?!"

Tony went to say something, but pepper cut him off "i know a few people that need information from him that might help out more then just finding that women" she said and snapped her fingers at the security team "take him, make sure he is sedated and fully bound, i want no mistakes" she said as the large men went over and picked him up

Ami went to go with the strange man, but she felt Tony grab her arm. She looked back at her brother.

"Let go of me Tony," she said. "I can make sure he stays put. O-o-or I can keep someone from taking him. Or-"

"No," Tony said.

"Please! I can't explain it, but I have to make sure he's okay!"

"thats all the more reason its a no, damnit Ami listen to me once in your life, im trying to keep you alive!" he said yelling at the end "if you try anything, anything at all or even try to go into the same room with him i will put a bullet in his head do you understand?"

Ami just stared in horror at her brother. Before she could stop herself, the words just came out.

"You'd do it if it was Pepper," she said.

"dont compare what i have with pepper to someone who just tried to us and is working with the women who put a knife in your chest" he said in a angry almost disgusted tone "for god sakes ami what is wrong with you have you lost your mind or something? you know what it doesn't matter get in the car now" he said in a angry tone

She lowered her visor and said, "I'll meet you at home. I can't deal with you in a confined space right now." She lifted off of the ground. "Oh, and Tony? He's been hurt too. You can tell if you actually took the time to look at him."

With that, she sped off into the night.

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