Hacker or Hack job

Litha rode at a good distance undetected for a while. She parked about a mile from their house. She needed to wait until she heard from her handler on when they wanted her to enter. It was simple enough, she needed to hack into starks systems and retrieve the files they wanted. She knew it would be in his personal files though. Which is why she would enter his house and not his lab. Her mind briefly wondered and she wondered how bucky was. They had been separated for mothers and of course no one told her a thing on why she had not seen him and she could not ask either. She shut down her thoughts of him "in position" she said

"Enter through the side door," the handler said through her comms.

It wasn't hard to enter, not with the house open with the Starks coming home. The most difficult part would be sneaking down to the computers in the garage. The house was an open concept, which didn't leave many places to hide.

"Tony, I'm going to grab my laptop!" Ami yelled from the dining room.

Litha hid in a dark hallway as Ami walked to the spiral stairs. She ran up, her designer dress suit already being discarded as she went to the second story.

"Ami, take those clothes to your room!" Pepper ordered.

Ami came back and Litha saw her face as she replied, "Whatever you say, mom!"

The three of them laughed. Ami grabbed the clothes and went to her room, unaware of the intruder just three feet from her.
Pain instantly filled Litha head when she saw the girls face. She went stiff and waited until she was gone to move. Images flashed in her mind she couldn't see and she felt off balanced. Her head felt like it was about to explode. She felt Panick rise in her. If she failed, she would die, she knew that. She had to get herself under control. She forced herself to focus but holding a thought was almost impossible.
Ami grabbed a slice of pizza and got ready to show her work on the Arc reactor to help Tony switch to clean energy when she got a silent alarm.

"I uh," she said, "I left something on in the lab. Be right back."

She left the room again, forgetting her laptop was open on the table. She made her way downstairs and almost made it to the light switch.
Through the chaos in her mind she head footsteps. Instinct and training kicked in. It was nothing to grab the person from behind, her dagger cutting into their ribs right behind their heart, while her free hand had a grip on their throat making it impossible for them to make a sound. More focus came to her as her training kicked in even more. She didn't say anything at first as the girl trembled under her grip. She forced the girl over to the main computer. " Files...now or i kill everyone hear" She whispered in her ear in a harsh tone that was filtered into sounding deep and robotic by her mouth piece to disguise her voice

Ami was shoved into the chair and watched as a USB drive was put into the computer. Her hands trembled. She felt the knife dig into her skin more, threatening to cut skin.

Ami began typing. There was only one thing people would want right now. Despite how scared she was, she could put failsafe's in place to make it difficult for whoever wanted her brother's blueprints. When she finished, discreetly adding in codes to destroy the blueprints once opened on another computer, she went to remove the USB stick.

However, the intruder grabbed her wrist, and Ami feared that it would be broken just from being grabbed.

"What the hell are you?" Ami asked.

"Not stupid...is what I am" she said in her ear in a nasty tone "do something like that again and I'll make you watch as I skin your brother alive. The files without the fails safes, last chance." she said as the dagger tip sunk in just enough, she felt warmth flow slowly down her back as it cut her skin

Ami had tears in her eyes, making it difficult to see. She removed the last of the failsafe's just as Ironman burst into the room.

"Move away from the girl and the computer," Tony ordered.

Ami was moved so that the knife was at her throat and the woman had her flush against her as a human shield. Pepper ran down the stairs and gasped when she saw Ami.

Litha knew all she had to do was get away, she had the usb and she was covered from head to toe, only her eyes showed so she knew they couldn't track her identity in anyway. With a quick flip of her wrist she flipped her knife around and dug it deep into Ami chest, stopping inches away from her heart "NO!" Pepper screamed and went to go for Ami but tony stopped her "no don't" he said in a uneven tone. Javis had informed him how close I was to Ami's heart "you are smart...or at least your computer is.... make me move to fast and she will die" She said through her filtered voice
It hurt. Ami was just grateful it was a straight-edge knife. As long as it stayed put, she wouldn't bleed out as fast.

"T-Tony?" Ami whispered, tears free-flowing.

"It's alright, Ami," Tony tried to calm his sister before turning to the woman. "What do you want?"

"step out of the suit" she demanded.

"That's easier said than done," Tony said. "I haven't quite worked out all the bugs yet."

"Tony!" Pepper yelled.

Tony took his helmet off. "Look, this is the best I can do! No tech for aiming, no communication, nothing! Just let my sister go!" he said in a panicked tone which was unusual for him.

"Throw the helmet. " She said as she slowly started to move them both back towards the lab doors, her grip was like iron around Ami waist holding her up and helping her walk with her. Once he threw his helmet she continued "its simple either I make it out of here alive or your sister dies with me, think fast mr stark my hand might start to get tired and tremble."

"Don't do it, Tony!" Ami said, only to scream when the woman pressed into her more.

"Alright!" Tony yelled. "Just let her go!"

Ami's eyes closed, guilt filling her. But Pepper thought it was something else.

"Don't you dare close your eyes!" she said to Ami. "Don't give up, Ami!"

"Let me out now Mr. Stark, I won't say it again" she said tightening her grip on ami waist forcing the air out of her. her chest filled with pain as her heart and lungs started to struggle.

Tony put in the code to open the back door, saying, "There. Now, my sister-"

Litha moved so quick it took them all time for their brains to comprehend what happened next. With one fluid motion she ripped the knife from Ami's chest, her blood reaching all the way over to Tony, with one hand she lifted Ami off the ground, picking her up by the back of the neck and threw her the opposite way of the exit.

Ami saw everything in slow motion as she flew through the air. Everything hit her like the Spyder she was flung into. She felt a lot of cracks before darkness took over. Pepper ran to Ami, who lay motionless on the ground. The dent in the car meant nothing to Tony. Hell, the blueprints and the intruder meant nothing. He grabbed his helmet and picked up his sister.

"What are you doing?" Pepper asked, crying.

"An ambulance will take too long," Tony said. "I will not let her die."

With that, he flew his sister to the hospital.

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