A Week Later

"I'm so nervous," Arillyn said. "I took my pills, so no earthquake will be my fault. I hope I do a good job. T.R.A.S.E. could change search and rescue and recon for everyone. I just don't want anything to ruin it."

"The only time you truely fail is when you give up, so don't worry about how today goes " pepper said

Arillyn smiled. "Okay, well, I put in the work, practiced the speech all week, so..."

"Wasn't the precious?" Tony asked. "Now, our final young inventors of the night, Arillyn Stark."

Arillyn squared her shoulders and walked out. She smiled and waved. Slides of the tests performed with T.R.A.S.E. we shown on a screen and plans to further upgrade the program for more accurate readings. An awed silence filled the stadium.

Just as she was about to thank everyone, the backdrop lifted and screams could be heard. Arillyn looked back and saw Racheal hanging upside down by her feet with her throat slit, her blood pooled against the wall and on the floor , in blood in big letters said in latin death reveals many truths and it was signed in English see you soon ems the crowd erupted in screams and some people started to run others started taking photos, security rushed in and tone and his personal guards for arillyn surrounded her, blocking the horrible view as they rushed her out

When she was far enough away, she found a trash can and threw up, tears falling. Her head was pounding. She fell to the ground, unable to withstand the memories flooding through her mind. She held her head in her hands, as if she could stop the pain from that alone. She could hear the screams in the distance.

"Arillyn, it's okay!" Tony said, grabbing her shoulders. "Stop screaming!"

Arillyn looked up, shocked for a moment before saying, "My names not Arillyn."

He was quick to react like always though she saw the flash of surprise on is face but it was gone in less then a second "then you can tell me your name once we get you into the car and safe now come on " he said rushing her towards the car

She got in, Happy holding the door. She sat farthest away from Tony and Pepper. Her leg was shaking with anxiety and fear. She watched as the crowd gave way to city streets before they were safely away from any and all dangers.

"My name is... was Emily," she said when Tony nodded, her voice pale. "I was born and raised in Missouri... I guess in another dimension, but still, Earth is home."

"Why do you think you are from another dimension if such a thing exists" Tony asked

"The simple fact I'm a 31 year old woman in a 16 year old body," she said, trying not to freak out. "I have superpowers, which is impossible back home. A long ass wormhole sucking me through it after activating a glowing fucking rock! Take your pick!"

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