I am Iron Man

Usually, Tony liked attention, but this was not what he wanted at all, people telling him to say just the opposite of what he felt he needed to say. He weighed his options. If he revealed the truth what was at risk? Alot was but so was saying these stupid lies they wanted him to say. He had talked a lot about it to pepper and Ami on what he should do, in the end they trusted whatever he felt was right. It was weird to have their approval for once. As he stood up to the mike his mind rushed and at the last second he decided. He was already a target, might as well ppound his chest to make it know messing with him or his family will come at a cost "the truth is.....I am iron man" the reporters erupted. Pepper grabbed Ami arm and they both rushed out towards the car before they were trampled but the crowd of reporters trying to get to tony "well i guess he decided to go cat out tf the bag" pepper said once safely in the car"

"I'm proud of him," Ami said. "I want to help him."

"What?" Pepper said, her voice pale.

"I want to be out there, helping him be a hero. No, I want to be a hero with him. I don't want anyone to have to go through what I did, thinking the worst had happened. If I can stop it, if I can prevent others from being taken by fighting at Tony's side, I want to do it!"

"Absolutely not!" Tony said, entering the car.

"Please, Tony! I don't want to just be your lab assistant or your baby sister that needs protecting!"

"You are not getting involved!"

"Why the hell not?!"

"Because I can't lose you too!"

"And you think I can lose you?!"

"Enough!" pepper said making them both stop "Tony we both know she is going to do what she wants just like you" she held up her hand when he went to speak "And Ami you know your brother is right you can't be out there with him" she stopped Ami too when she went to speak "so that means we have to find a way to make this work, Now i have a idea that may work for both of you, as much as i hate the thought of you tony running around in that suit putting yourself in god knows what kind of danger i know your going to do it anyways but i would feel a lot better if Ami was in the lab having your back, lets be honest Ami is already at your level if not more, her working with Jarvis in the lab would be a weapon in its self." She looked at Ami "you could help way more doing what you do best in the lab, you and javis can keep him safe and tony and i would know you were safe its a win win"

Ami sat back, pouting as she said, "I'd rather be out there with him."

"And I'd rather you not involved at all," Tony countered.

"Oh, I give up!" Pepper said, throwing her hands up. "Both of you, children!"

Ami sighed and held out her hand. Tony looked at it for a minute before shaking it.

"At least you'll have to test everything," Ami said with a smile. "And that will be a lot of fun."

"I'm already getting the back pain," Tony groaned.

Everyone laughed, not noticing the figure on the bike behind them, listening in on the conversation.

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