Now, in 2010 part 3

She smiled, taking off her shoes and going to her bed. She really did feel much better just stepping into the room. While it had all of the immanities of her old room, it was like she was in a perfect temperature greenhouse. She found herself in the grassy area napping rather than on the expensive bed. She woke when the door opened.

"Hey, Tony," she said in a sleepy tone. "What's up?"

"Just checking in" he said keeping to the wooden and stone pathway

She stood up and asked, "Well, I'm feeling a lot better. I haven't really explored yet, but this room is amazing!" She looked around with childlike wonder. "It really feels... alive here." She looked through some trees and followed the path to what looked like a miniature lab. "Is this for me too? It's incredible! I can really finalize the work on TRASE and maybe begin work on some other projects I have in mind and..." She blushed and looked up at Tony, seeing the look on his face. "Sorry. I'm rambling, but this is just the coolest thing ever! I can't wait to see the rest of it."

"Well explore and enjoy I'll check on you later" he said and began to walk away

"Okay," she said. "Though, I don't know how they can top the Mini-lab. Thank you for all of this."

She gave him a smile as she ran around the room, finding the natural-looking springs that served as her bath, the area for study, and even a hidden library with her favorite science and recreational books. Her smile had never been so big before. Even as she worked on her computer to scout out possible bugs in TRASE's programing, the smile never left. Before she knew it, it was almost dinner time.

Tony brought in a tray of organic food for her to try, this time there was no meat and the food came from this new room and was all naturally grow "see what you like and what you don't like" he said

Arillyn looked at the food and said, "Honestly, it looks amazing." She took a bite, almost humming. "This is good. But then, fresh ingredients are. Though, missing lunch probably helps too." She finished the food fast and went back to work. "I can't seem to find out why it shuts off after an hour. I don't remember giving TRASE a timer." She sat in a huff. "If it shuts down, the practical application won't be of much use." She pinched the bridge of her nose. "What am I missing?"

"Miss it's almost time for dinner" Jarvis's voice said through the computer "your special meal is ready for you in the dinning area which is located near the tree to your left"

"Thanks, Jar," said Arillyn.

She sat down at the table. She thought about her problem for a moment but when she went to talk to Tony, she had no one. She felt alone and isolated. She finished her food before looking over her algorithm once more. The sun was rising as she finished fixing the problem. She hadn't slept at all, not had she noticed the time. She hadn't even heard Tony enter her lab.

"You should get some sleep" he said walking up

"Huh?" Arillyn said before looking at the time. "It's 6 am?! I didn't even realize I worked all night! What about school?!" She sat down as she began to ramble. "I mean, a new school... the old one is filled with people wanting to kill me, so..." She yawned, her eyes closing. "I need a new... school..."

With that, she passed out.

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