Megan had just finished a job at the mines in Brazil. She stood on a cliff deep in the jungle that looked over the valley and rivers. Blood still stained her clothes. She didn't care though, it was bad blood from a corrupted politician. She spread out her arms like they were wings. She felt the wind brush her skin. With little effort she jumped off the cliff, changing into a falcon in mid fall. If she still had emotions she knew she would love flying. Everyone dreams of flying at some point in their life and she was able to do it, yet she felt nothing, numbness consumed her long ago when she was frozen. But her mind was still her own and that's what mattered to her. She accepted she died in that freeze chamber but she will go on existing until her plans were finished, after that she didn't know what she would do. She soared through the sky with speed and grace that the falcons body naturally gave her. It was easier to transform into a human shape but she preferred animals, they were better then humans in everyway. Better strengths, senses and abilities. After a few minutes she landed on her destination, a Hydra boat setting course for back to head quarters. When she landed she shifted back into her human form. She startled the agents enough by doing so that they surrounded her and pointed their guns at her. Without a word she handed the bloody file to a guard. She turned and started walking towards her room on the boat, the gaurds parted like the red sea, making sure she didn't touch them as she walked by. She was happy they feared her, it made them stupid and reckless around her, easy pickens for her to kill if they stepped out of line, and since she had the highest rank on this ship, they knew she could kill anyone of them without consequence. But better then that, every person here knew she could do it before they even had a chance to use whatever weapon they had "we are finished here" she said in a emotionless tone "yes ma'am "the captain replied.

Once in her room she showered and used her skin once more to dress. She didn't like the suit they made her, it was unnatural. But she mimicked the design when she was around them, they never could tell the difference. She sat down at her desk and started to eat the meal they had left for her , four silver trays packed with all organic foods. She at everything after testing it to make sure it was tampered with in any way. Afterwards she laid done in her bed, turned on her security system and went to sleep.

Several hours late, there was an update on her phone. It showed a poster that said in two weeks, Arillyn Stark would be showing a demonstration on Young Inventor's Day during the Stark Expo. It came with a note saying, She changed her name and moved on... if she felt anything she would have laughed at their attempt to emotionally manipulate her. She let them think she still had emotions, they were easy to fake. But they were blind to just how little control they had over her. But this was good, she could start her plans properly now.

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