Seasonal Duo

Litha got slammed hard on her back, hard enough her breath escaped her for a moment and her vision blurred but even so she immediately got up and went for the attack once more. She lunged hard towards Bucky's right side, taking advantage of his slower arm

Knowing what her strategy was, he waited until the last second and moved so that his metal arm slammed into her. The repeated blows were bringing forward memories. He knew he was James Barnes, but he went by Bucky. He just needed to hit her just right so that she could remember who she was.

"You're getting predictable," he said, watching her stand. "Fight like you mean it."

She couldn't let it show that her memories were returning, it felt like she was being ripped in two, she had all these memories with james and their parents, yet she had memories of her living a completely different like as well. She no longer knew what was real and what wasn't and she felt like she was about to snap from it all "If i mean it you'll die" She said trying hiding emotion from her tone. Now a days she did anything to get the chair, to forget but the memories seemed to come back quicker and stronger each time. She slammed into him, her elbow hitting his chest dead center

He didn't make a sound. Instead, he noticed she was sweating. He turned them so she was against walk, his metal hand keeping her arms above her head.

"You're remembering again, right?" he whispered, keeping the intense stare. "Please, Eve."

It felt like her heart slammed in her chest, she didn't know which of these memories were real and until she did how could she know which one to trust or who she could rust when she couldn't even trust her own mind. She needed togo number to be reset she couldnt handle all the emotions rising back up "dont....dont do this... dont make me remember anymore" she said struggling hard against him

Tears formed in his eyes, but he blinked them away. They couldn't know they were remembering. But it was too late. Rumlow walked into the room.

"You two are needed in the lab," the man said.

As the pair walked past, Rumlow grabbed Eve by the arm, pulling her against him. Bucky turned on a dime so that the other guards had to stop him by point guns at him.

"Time for a reset," Rumlow said, running his fingers over her cheeks, causing her to go ridged against him.

But then, he shoved Eve at Bucky, who caught her. The men led them back to the lab... to the chair.

Relief and guilty filled her when she saw the chair. Relief the memories would be gone, and she would be numb again, guilt towards bucky. She knew eventually she would have to deal with the memories and emotions, she knew by the way they were coming back sooner or later they would truly take over her, she was scared that would be when she would break or go insane, all she could hope for was the journal she kept writing in about the memories remained hidden and was the key to her escaping alive and sane. As they were forced in the chair she locked eyes with bucky for a split second she let him see emotion in her eyes hoping it would comfort him slightly

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