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Star Civs: Death of an Empire logo

Star Civs: Death of an Empire

Star Civs is a story-based rpg where your character is an entire civilization, set in a distant, galaxy-spanning future based on Earth's 19th and early 20th centuries, when various different nations vied for power and to build great empires. The ancient superpower of the Milky Way is weak and vulner ... More...

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Created : Aug 27, 2017

Space Marine: The Aftermath logo

Space Marine: The Aftermath

The Forge World Graia (a planet devoted to military production) has been invaded by alien Orks. A Command Squad of three of the Ultramarines, 2nd Company Commander Captain Titus, his immediate subordinate Veteran Sergeant Sidonus, and Tactical Marine named Leandros. Initially upon arrival the squa ... More...

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Created : Dec 29, 2017