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KILLTEAM: Honeybadger logo

KILLTEAM: Honeybadger

Setting: Infurnus Hive Second War for Armageddon Date 942.M41 Planetary Assault. Theatre Hive World of Armageddon, Armageddon System, Armageddon Sector, Segmentum Solar The orks took over so quickly there was no time to flee. Many tried anyway and were shot down by bike and buggy r ... More...

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Created : Oct 7, 2018

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Empires of Glass

General Rules: 1. Please read the Game Information section for how to setup and play this game. It is different to many other games on OngoingWorlds, and has a few more mechanics that may take some understanding. So please make sure to read through it. 2. Respect all other playe ... More...

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Created : Apr 26, 2018

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