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Star Wars the story continues logo

Star Wars the story continues

This is a remake of a previous game. The game takes place between the force awakens and the last Jedi. Caricatures from the Star Wars moves are well, the story will, however, focus more on original characters. ... More...

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Characters : 5

Created : Jul 7, 2018

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Star Wars Rogue Moon logo

Star Wars Rogue Moon

The galaxy is in turmoil, still reeling from the effects of the galactic civil war. Darkness looms in the Unknown Regions and yet there are sparks yet in the Outer Rim. Unbeknownst to a group living on a place known as Rogue Moon, their rather simple station in life will soon shine brighter than the ... More...

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Characters : 17

Created : Apr 22, 2018

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STAR WARS: Reign of the Empire logo

STAR WARS: Reign of the Empire

It's been five weeks since the culling of the Jedi, order 66. What remains of the Jedi are being hunted down and killed by Darth Vader. The Republic has fallen and the Empire has risen... ... More...

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Created : Oct 19, 2017

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Star Civs: Death of an Empire logo

Star Civs: Death of an Empire

Star Civs is a story-based rpg where your character is an entire civilization, set in a distant, galaxy-spanning future based on Earth's 19th and early 20th centuries, when various different nations vied for power and to build great empires. The ancient superpower of the Milky Way is weak and vulner ... More...

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Created : Aug 27, 2017