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Nov 25, 2020, 2:12pm by ryjones

Niko didn't have much time to worry. Soon, his door opened and droid entered, grabbing for him. Instinctively, he dodged it and headed for the door, only to be met by another and before he ...

Every Ship Needs Its Captain

Nov 24, 2020, 6:10pm by Kronos

Kona could feel the barrel of the blaster pressed tightly against his neck. "You're no Empire," the Weequay spat. "Damn right I'm not. If I was you'd already be dead, now keep moving," Aegon ...

Did you?

Nov 23, 2020, 2:06pm by ryjones

Lana was stunned for two reasons; one, the touch of the Commander brought a spark of excitement through her. Second, she'd used her first name. "Commander Luando, did you just call me 'Lan ...

Special Instructions

Nov 23, 2020, 2:47am by Kronos

The Commander marched into the medical bay, she was surprised to see Captain Cosgrove sat on her bed awake. She was sweaty and pale. "She's awake, why'd nobody inform me?" Commander Luando b ...

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