I Surprise Myself

Baron and Adna were led to a nearby room, whilst the gangsters continued to discuss the details of the plan among themselves. "Please remain here for the time being," the protocol droid said. Baron looked over to the droid and gave a slow nod, then lowering himself onto a circular chair that surrounded a projector column, holographic images of Twi'lek dancers played continuously. "Sometimes I surprise myself," Baron mumbled to himself.

"What's that?" Adna asked curious.

"I was just saying that sometimes I surprise myself, the fact I have just convinced members from three of the galaxy's most stubborn species to work with us. Especially that Hutt-" Baron was getting carried away, he paused to check there wasn't any mounted security droids spying on them. Another sweep around the roof, they were in the clear. "I was getting carried away there."

"Tell me, how many times has your tongue got you into trouble?"

"Too many times, you'd think I would have learnt my lesson. No chance," Baron smiled at Adna, then turned his eyes to the fuzzy feed of the Twi'lek.

"Are you sure they won't double cross us?" Adna asked.

"I can't be sure, I would hope they wouldn't. Especially knowing how much they dislike the Empire too. This is what we should be doing, uniting. Even if we all go back to how we were before after we've finished the job. We have to do this..."

"You're certainly optimistic."

"You can't fight this fight without any optimism. Trust me, I know."

The protocol droid entered again, with two cups holding a bitter Hutt tea inside. "Refreshments, Oxus insisted." Baron and Adna looked at each other, reluctantly taking the cups from the droid.

"These better not be poisoned," Baron joked. It went right over the droid, obviously a sense of humour had never been programmed into this kind of model. The rebel raised up the cup and exclaimed: "Cheers!" Quickly gulping down the foul tasting liquid, it felt thick and syrupy as it travelled down his throat. "As vile as ever!" Baron Aegon grinned.

To Be Continued...

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