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Summary: Rebel Agent

Baron Aegon

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Gender: Male

Age: 36

Group: Rebellion




Rebellion Agent

Physical Appearance

A Czerialus human. On his face, he has a black beard, short hair, and a few battle scars on his face. He wears a signature green jacket and always has a pistol on hand in his customized holster.


Baron is a very slick individual. He has a way with words especially when it's against the Empire, or anyone against the Rebellion. He was commended by General Dodonna for his skills at extracting information from behind enemy lines. He like anyone does have his flaws though, he has difficulties with maintaining relationships and friendships.


Baron Aegon was born on Czerialus, the son of a politician who strongly opposed the Empire in its earliest days. Aegon vowed to follow his father's ways and ensure that the Empire falls. He is very fond of his ship the Nimble Dragon a Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-2000 transport, which he inherited from his uncle.

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Image of Baron Aegon
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