Friend of the Cartel

The journey to Nal Hutta was almost done, as the Nimble Dragon made its final approach to the swampy planet the communicator buzzed. A voice spoke in Huttese and said: "I would advise you to turn around. We don't have any business for you here."

Aegon's own Huttese was a little rusty but he did his best to reply, he naturally spoke Huttese in a lower pitch than his ordinary voice. "We mean no harm, we are friends of the cartel," Baron explained. Niner shook his head at the shocking pronunciation of the language of the Hutts. The screen flashed, they had clearance and the ship could finally land. The ship landed in a city called Ullaek, it was a reasonably large city, a natural haven for crime.

A division of maintenance droids rushed to Aegon as he stepped off the ship. Beeping and squeaking droid-speak for guaranteeing that they'll fix up the ship for cheap, probably some kind of scam. Baron just ignored them and continued on. He was joined by Zaitoona and Ecks-zee, after all, it was XZ who had wanted this mission in the first place. "So XZ what's the plan?"

"We need to speak with the Hutts -- I have a contact. An individual who may be able to get us a private conference with Oxus the Hutt."

"Oxus the Hutt-" Adna interjected.

"You know him?" Baron asked.

"Let's just say I have done a few jobs on his behalf. I've never met him personally, always doing it through a middleman." Adna explained, they continued to walk down the bustling streets of Ullaek. Getting a few stares from locals along the way.

"So who's this contact?"

"A spice dealer."

"Of course, you always find the most pleasant people to work with," Baron shook his head. Ecks-zee lead them into a small building, inside it was hot. There were dozens inhaling spice through hookah pipes. They approached a bar at the end of the room, behind the bar was an orange-skinned Toong, this was the contact.


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