Taking Stock and fate

Carn sat on top of a crate near his ship digging into a meal the rebels had provided upon landing in ring base. At first the rebels had offered to compensate him for his services , but he had turned them down asking only for a warm meal and to refuel his ship he knew the rebellion would have their hands full with all the refugees even Sawbones had volunteered to help. Speaking of he took notice of yet another landing shuttle docking in the hangar as more refugees and even a girl riding a Varactyl of all things, by the end of the day a majority of them would probably joining the rebellion in some capacity.

"The Rebellion" he thought to himself as he sat there, what would he do next once he delivered the package it would probably be wise not to go to any Imperial systems for the time being. Still the Mandalorian still felt like he needed a purpose.

"This spot taken?"a soft voice asked from behind him, turning around he was met by a light blue Twilek with a warm smile.

"Name's Inna" she spoke taking a seat next to him on the crate "thanks for the help back in the temple."

"Carn and don't mention it I don't know if it was dumb luck or fate that we both happened to be in the temple I was just trying to grab something for a client didn't mean to get caught up in the whole rebel attack."

"Fate works in mysterious ways" she chuckled it was something she had wholeheartedly believed as if all her life fate had been guiding her. After Baron had left for another mission and Niko suddenly disappearing without a word the Twilek had found herself drawn to the lone warrior for some unknown reason. Over the next several hours the two would continue to talk by the end of it Carn had agreed to let her accompany him.

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