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Summary: I'm just a man looking for adventure

Carn Ferrum

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Group: Other




Mandalorian Mercenary

Physical Appearance

Tan skin, short black hair and beard.
Height: 6ft 3inch
Build: muscular.
Wears a suit of ancient neo crusader armor


Serious when working, often choosing to stay quiet unless necessary, but will relax when having down time. He enjoys the thrill of a good fight.


Born into the Mandalorian Clan Ferrum, Carn's people would choose to leave the planning Concordia after many of the warrior clans were exiled choosing the following ancient ways of the mandalorians. After coming of age he would set out on his own but still visit the clan's secret conclave from time to time. He want to know allegiance to the empire or rebellion and will work for the highest bidder.

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Image of Carn Ferrum
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