New job

"DANK FARRIK"Carn swore as ran through the crumbling Temple, the bombing runs collapsed the secret tunnel he had used to enter.

"They're bringing the whole place down any ideas"Sawbones asked over the of his rotary cannon's constant firing.

Looking around the Mandalorian spotted a group of rebel troopers pinned behind cover an idea coming to mind. Hopping into a nearby transport speeder Carn let lose his final rocket obliterating the squad of Stormtroopers.

"Looks like you guys need a way off this planet and I need a chain code that's not going to get me blown up once I leave the atmosphere so hop in" he said to the squad of confused rebels luckily they didn't look the gift bantha in the mouth for long before quickly clambering on.

The journey to his ship didn't take long and they had picked up several squads along the way.

"Anyone with piloting experience follow me to the bridge the rest of you hang on "he shouted running up the ramp. The Beskab was an ancient Mandalorian troop transport was tough armor and shields to get troops on or off the ground over its service to his clan it had been modified extensively with improved weapons and engines as well, while he and sawbones could pilot it by themselves having more people would help utilize all of its systems. As he strapped himself into the pilot chair I looked over a several rebels strap themselves into nearby systems. Focusing back on the task at hand he began lift off procedures before heading towards orbit.

"Rebel fleet this is Carn Ferrum of the Beskab I'm transporting rebel troops off world and requesting rally point" Carn spoke into the comm.

"Roger that Beskab read you loud and clear I've got several transports full of troops and civilians I could use an escort are you armed?."

Punching in a command key he brought the entire weapons system online with a smile "I'm a Mandalorian what do you think?"

While imperial fighter pilots were trained to handle variety of situations facing a ship that could pump out enough firepower to destroy something several times it size was not one of them. As the Beskab what punch through the last of the fighters with several transports behind it it would quickly make the jump towards ring base.

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