Escape Plan

The Empire had initiated their Plan B, in the case of a failing operation, they would basically self-sabotage. Hoping to take out any remaining interlopers, this involved destroying the Cerean temple. They had sent down a fleet of TIE Bombers to devastate the site. The aerial bombardment was devastating even taking out fleeing Imperial units. It wasn't liked Grand Admiral Abalam cared though, he had reaped the rewards of this operation, a Holocron that'd hopefully point towards more secrets or spoils of war. Those still in the temple may survive but they'd definitely be suffering from this awful act.

The Nimble Dragon crew had made it to their ship, bringing along their de-facto prisoners Adna Zaitoona and the droid Q-3PO. "Command this is Aegon, is everyone okay?"

"Barely," came a distressed voice over the communicator. "We are going to go down to the temple and get as many people as we can to safety. We have multiple troop transporters on their way to rescue them now."

"Be careful of any remaining Imperial forces, they may try and keep you away. Hopefully, they have the sense to not interfere and use the transports to their advantage," said Aegon anxiously.

"Understood Aegon, good luck getting off Cerea. We are detecting a new blockade above world. Use swift action to avoid it, is that understood?"

"Loud and clear command. Good luck too." The Nimble Dragon took off, passing through the thick Cerean clouds and into space. "Is everyone okay back there?" Aegon asked.

"We're okay," Inna replied. The ship spiraled past Imperial blockade ships, a few TIEs were on the Dragon's tail. "Everyone get to the guns now," Inna ordered, she didn't know why she felt like commanding everyone but it felt surprisingly good to do so. Oddly liberating in a way.

"Whose ship is this?" Aegon asked sarcastically, he was grateful for Inna. She had been on this ship long enough now to basically become its third crewmate. The Farghul and Inna went to the guns. With full focus, they defended the ship as best they could. Then a squadron of Rebel ships appeared hoping to make it out of the blockade too. A few of the troop transports holding survivors followed, the transporters were flawed in that they didn't have any way of defending themselves. No guns or cannons, they had to rely on others for security.

"Mind those transports, we must ensure they get off Cerea safely," Niner said through the ship's comms.

"We've got them backed up Niner, don't worry!" Aegon swooped the Nimble Dragon below the bottom of one last blockade, it just barely missed the bottom of the Imperial heavy ship. "That was a close one," Baron Aegon said letting out a long breath.

"This is Command. General Ristt has requested all fleeing ally ships to head to Ring Base for an immediate debrief. Take care out there."

"Aegon here. Understood Command, see you there." Baron set the coordinates for Ring Base, he was sure to get it in from General Ristt for his behavior during the Cerean Operation. But he was ready for anything. "Get comfortable people, we're heading for Ring Base."

"What's Ring Base?" Adna asked.

"If I told you that I'd have to kill you," Aegon joked back. "Niner, prepare for a jump to lightspeed."

"Yes sir." The Nimble Dragon's engines rattled and shook, then switched as they darted off into hyperspeed.


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