Image of Grand Admiral Darsh Abalam (NPC)

Summary: Grand Admiral stationed on the ISD Malice

Grand Admiral Darsh Abalam (NPC)

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Gender: Male

Age: 52

Group: Galactic Empire




Grand Admiral stationed on the ISD Malice

Physical Appearance

Shaped by war, Darsh Abalam doesn't have the usual clean look of his fellow Imperial admirals. His uniform is white and grey. He has grey hair and a thick grey beard.


Darsh is a veteran admiral of the Republic, fighting in the war against the Separatists. He has a great amount of experience in galactic battles, he uses his intelligence and understanding of tactics to his advantage.


Abalam was born during the Republic peace time before the Clone Wars and the Rise of the Empire. He was born on the ship-building planet Ganthel. One of his earliest roles was an apprentice in a ship-building facility near his city, but Darsh's aspirations were to be amongst the stars. He joined the Republic Navy and acted as a strategist aboard multiple ships during the Clone Wars, when the Republic fell he was promoted to Grand Admiral and was stationed on the ISD Malice. The Malice has completed hundreds of successful operations and Abalam is one of the Empire's elite warmongers. He is seen as an evil Warmonger on many world's where he has destroyed innocent civilisations, constructed labour camps or commited other acts of tyranny.

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Image of Grand Admiral Darsh Abalam (NPC)
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