The Archaeologist and The Admiral

The archaeologist felt strangely nervous as she descended on the turbolift to the Cerean temple, she had been called here by an old acquaintance Commander Iras Luando. A year ago Luando had contacted the archaeologist to find a personal family relic on Urajab. She wasn't alone, beside her was her gold and black protocol droid Q-3PO. "Is everything okay Miss Zaitoona?"

"I'm fine Q-Threepio, just these Imperials intimidate me."

"May you remind me why we are here again?"

"Remember that Imperial commander client from a few years ago: Luando."

"Commander Iras Luando, yes I remember it well. Our daring quest on the planet Urajab, well how could one forget it."

"Well she wants me to take a look at this temple. But she's warned me that the head of this whole expedition is a little irritable."

"Well nobody knows more about proper formal practise than you Adna Zaitoona. You're practically the definition of politeness other than myself of course."

"You're too kind Threepio," Adna laughed. The turbolift stopped and the doors slid open in both directions, things seemed tense as the archaeologist and the droid walked through the excavated temple opening. A Zabrak was confronting a Stormtrooper as a Cerean prisoner laid flat on the ground with multiple injuries. "I don't think we need to worry too much about formalities," Adna whispered to Q-3PO.

"That poor gentleman looks like he's on deaths door," Q-Threepio replied. They slowly approached passing even more squadrons of Imperial Stormtroopers and officers in the middle of their duties. Then Commander Luando appeared from the shadows, her hands held together commandingly behind her back.

"Adna Zaitoona a pleasure to see you again."

"Nice to see you again too Commander, although I wasn't expecting such a gathering. You best watch the temple doesn't collapse under all this pressure."

"Grand Admiral Abalam has reassured me that the temple can handle the weight," Luando explained.

"This Grand Admiral Abalam, is this the one you warned me about?"

"The very same. Though upon seeing a woman like you he'll likely attempt to charm you first - if you'd follow me this way." Luando lead Adna and Q-3PO into the dark old tomb. Abalam was there obsessively examining a Cerean skeleton. "Excuse me Grand Admiral but our guest Adna Zaitoona, independent archaeologist is here." Abalam turned around and shook Adna's hand.

"Pleasure Miss Zaitoona, let me welcome you to Cerea. Have you visited before?"

"Once, a while ago. It's a pleasure to meet you too Grand Admiral Abalam. The Commander has told me all about you."

"All good things I am quite sure," Abalam gave a look of slight disapproval to Luando, he could only begin to imagine what was said about him behind his back. Iras awkwardly coughed.

"So what would you like me to take a look at?" Zaitoona asked, she had already began to scan the site with her eyes. Q-3PO approached the ancient Cerean script and started to decipher the characters, within moments he had an accurate translation.

"Here lies Ko-Bos-Jezz," Q-3PO read aloud.

"That's correct," Darsh faced the protocol droid. "You're droid is fast Miss Zaitoona, if only the natives shared his speed."

"Is that what lead to the man outside getting beat?"

"Precisely, sometimes violence is the only necessary way of getting answers. There would be no need for cuffs if they played along. The Empire isn't here to ruin their world; we only offer the greatest service - advancement."

"Advancement through force?"

"As I said before sometimes violence is necessary," Grand Admiral Abalam said, his expression grew angrier. Zaitoona took a step back. "Now if you'd like to do the job I hired you to do, that would be wonderful. I know Ko-Bos-Jezz has treasures linked to the force and I need you to use your skills to get these treasures. So how about you and your protocol droid hurry up and find them!" Darsh bellowed. Adna quickly nodded, moving even further back so that Q-3PO was at her side.

"Right on it Grand Admiral."

"If anyone requires me I will be onboard the Malice, Luando you're in charge while I am off duty. Understood?"

"Yes Grand Admiral sir," Luando saluted as the Grand Admiral stormed out of Ko-Bos-Jezz's dark tomb. "I'll leave you to it and before you say anything else don't say I didn't warn you. The man is as mad as Kowakian monkey-lizard!" Adna nodded and got to work in silence.

To Be Continued...

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