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Summary: Archaeologist & Treasure Seeker

Adna Zaitoona

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Gender: Female

Age: 29

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Archaeologist & Treasure Seeker

Physical Appearance

Adna is a human from the planet Aargonar. Growing up in the dusty desert climate of the planet has gave her fair olive complexion. She has long dark brown hair, with a single threaded braid on one side. She dresses in the kind of attire that wouldn't be uncommon on a smuggler, comfortable but resourceful. She often wears a long grey cloak to help her stay warm on certain planets.


Adna Zaitoona is a confident archaeologist and treasure seeker. Her passion for archaeology arose as a child, searching through the wreckages of CIS tanks and ships. She will work for whoever has the most credits to spare.


Adna is the daughter of Kram & Miran Zaitoona, her parents were supporters of the CIS during the time of the Clone Wars. Both were detained by the Republic for conspiracy whilst visiting Coruscant, Adna was essentially left on her own without any knowledge of what happened to her dear parents. When lonely she found salvation in the abandoned vehicles of the war on Aargonar, she was fortunate enough to discover an expensive piece of High Republic jewellery which she sold to get her off Aargonar as a teenager. She invested what she had left to study history at a prestigious university on the planet Brentaal. Today she will work archaeology jobs for whoever has the highest price, which has led her to being employed by some of the galaxy's seediest characters.

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Image of Adna Zaitoona
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