Uneasy Reunion

The Rebel agent Aegon looked the Besalisk dead in his small black eyes, one still damaged from the event on Denon. Aegon shook his head: "Mojokerto, I wasn't expecting to ever see you again."

"Likewise, where's Inna and Trantis?" Mojokerto grinned. As he asked he painted a scenario in his head, the two betraying the Rebellion for their own gain. The truth obviously was much more disappointing.

"Off on their own misadventures now, but hopefully I'll see them both again soon."

"Wouldn't that be nice?" the Besalisk laughed.

Oxus started to blurt loud Huttese, his translation protocol droid was quick to interpret his words. "I don't mean to interrupt this reunion of yours but we have important matters at hand."

The Jablogian raised his hand, as if he were asking if he could speak. The Hutt looked at him and gave him a nod, at least as far as a nod a Hutt could achieve without a neck. "Thank you, Oxus the mighty." The Jablogian's voice was irritating, almost pathetic in a way. "I say we ignore this offer of co-operation from this rebellion that stand here today. They want to re-establish the Republic that harasses and halts our way of life. They want everything to be like how it was. At least the Empire is mostly wise enough to ignore us."

"We just want peace, nothing more." Baron Aegon said, addressing the Jablogian directly. "You may think the Empire treat you differently, but all of that will start to change. They'll get cocky, they'll take away your enterprises and money. Just give them time."

"What nonsense!" the Jablogian scoffed. "They fear us Rebel, they may not fear you and your people. But us and your kind are in entirely different leagues."

"I'm not sure where you operate from Yaraigan but where I am I've had nothing but issues with the Imperials. I hate to admit this, but what this Rebellion did do on Denon did start to make things easier." Mojokerto's tone quickly changed. Aegon stood still, stunned by this.

"Denon is your place of business, correct Mojokerto?"

"My place of business and more importantly home. I'm not saying we work with this Rebellion, but I am saying we use them as a distraction maybe. Let the Empire chase them whilst we take down things on the inside."

Baron turned to Adna Zaitoona and shrugged. 'It could work' he thought. He didn't love the plan, but he didn't hate it either. "That could work for us, if you're willing to cooperate Oxus."

Quickly, Yaraigan looked to the Hutt as if to plead with him to not accept this offer. Oxus then said something, clearly Yaraigan could understand Huttese and looked down in a look of disappointment. The protocol droid's synthetic voice stated the decision: "It will be done, you have your deal."

To Be Continued...

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