The Tongue of the Toong

The Toong looked them up and down, he had a translation device very similar to that of an Ithorian. The Toong's tongue was seamlessly translated into the Galactic Basic Standard "The Loadlifter, you've finally made it. How've you been?"

"Busy. I assume you remember why I am here," Ecks-zee began.

"How could I forget, especially with the Empire peering in to check on us every day. Who are your friends?" he indicated to the only humans in the place, Baron and Adna.

"Name's Aegon, this is Adna. We are here on official business, I'll allow you to interpret that yourself."

"Rebels!" The Toong nodded, even when they were trying to stay incognito a Rebel stuck out like a sore thumb in a place like this. The Hutts were no friends of the Empire or the Alliance. Both groups liked laws and peace and the Hutts definitely didn't like either of those things.

XZ made itself comfortable and faced the Toong spice dealer. "So how much is the information?" XZ asked.

"A couple thousand credits and I'll let you know."

"Deal," Aegon nodded before XZ could even begin to haggle with the informant. The Toong smiled smugly, his beady little eyes darted around.

"I like those who don't waste time and get straight to business!" the Toong began, he summoned the trio into a store room. Once inside he placed a holopuck on a work surface, it projected a map of an Imperial facility. "This is the place, designated: Krenth dash six dash two. A research and development facility embedded in the ground."

"What are they developing there?"

"I don't know lady, but I've heard word that it's something bad. Something that will change Nal Hutta forever."

"So it's Nal Hutta specific?"

"Apparently so."

"Can we have this map?" Aegon asked. The Toong sighed and then passed the holopuck to the agent, who quickly pocketed it. "Appreciate it. Does this have the coordinates to the place?"

"It does."

"Then we better get moving..."


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