An Audience with Oxus

Clang Clang Clang! There was a heavy knock at the entrance hatch, XZ raced as fast as he could to the metal entrance. The droid checked the communications cams and spotted the source of the angry thuds, it was another droid - a protocol droid. At either side of it was its security, a Gammorean and a large angry looking Urodel. XZ tapped at the intercom buttons: "Yes, can I help you, strangers, with something?"

The other side of the comms system was a crackly signal, it distorted the droid's already synthetic voice. "We're here for your master - the Baron."

"Master? Master?! Baron isn't my master, I'm a droid in service to myself."

"We aren't here to discuss the politics of droid rights!" the bad-tempered Urodel roared back.

"We wish to speak to the Baron about the mighty Oxus. We have heard speak on the streets that he would like to speak to him," the protocol droid explained. "Please get him." XZ huffed, he darted towards Baron's door and knocked.

"Baron, we have visitors!" The knocks continued, inside the room Baron was slowly opening his eyes. He looked at the ceiling above his bunk, before turning to see Adna fast asleep beside him. "Baron! Baron!" Baron climbed out of bed and turned a dial which slid the door open. "Representatives of Oxus are here, they know that you want to speak to him."

"How did they find out?" Baron Aegon asked confused, XZ replied with a shrug as best a Loadlifter could shrug. "Let our guests in, we don't want to disappoint them." Ecks-zee nodded to Baron, immediately dashing to welcome the representatives. Baron turned to Adna asleep on the bed, in only a few hours he had truly fallen in love, he never thought he would. The impossible had happened. "Adna-"

"Yes?" Adna replied, and she began to yawn after replying. Stretching out her arms so far back that they reached the back wall. "What's happening?"

"Oxus's people are here to speak to us."

"But we hadn't even contacted them yet? How?"

"They have their ways I'm sure, get dressed we'll meet in the lounge." Aegon smiled at Adna before leaving the room. As he walked through the ship's halls he flicked his hair back and tidied himself up, he didn't know why he was trying to impress a Hutt. But here he was.


Ecks-zee was talking to the representatives in the lounge, there seemed to be tension between him and the protocol droid. The Urodel guard was crouched down slightly due to his enormous height. Baron smiled at the group of representatives, he began: "I am Baron Aegon, a freelancer. How may I help you?"

"Oxus wishes to speak to you," the protocol droid began. "I have learnt that you wished to speak to him, I have informed Oxus and he agrees to speak to you now."

"Isn't it a little early for an audience?"

"It's never too early, you should have been prepared." The droid looked to the Gamorean and nodded, the Gamorean tossed a holo puck to the floor. Upon impact a live holographic image of Oxus appeared, he was disgusting like any Hutt, joined by a Twi'lek slave girl. Oxus's booming Huttese voice began and the protocol droid interpreted: "Baron Aegon, I have heard that you have come to Nal Hutta seeking me. Is this true?"

"Mighty Oxus, this is true. I have come to discuss the Imperial activity on the planet, I represent a people who see the Imperial invasion of Nal Hutta as offensive-"

"I know exactly who you represent!" the droid interpreted the Hutt's interruption. "The Alliance - you think us Hutts would work with you. Don't offend me. We can deal with the Empire on our own, without your assistance."

"But Oxus, I am not looking for an alliance between us and the Hutts. We are purely trying to prevent the Imperial construction on the planet, we want to turn them away to ensure peace in the galaxy."

"I am no fan of peace!" Oxus stopped, he spotted Adna Zaitoona enter the room and stand behind Baron Aegon. "Who is this friend of yours Baron Aegon?" Oxus laughed.

"This is Adna Zaitoona."

"Adna Zaitoona, I am familiar with this name. A treasure hunter, I believe she has found many of my personal treasures. It is good to finally see her." Oxus's laughter continued as the droid finished translating his words. Adna nodded her head towards the laughing Hutt. "Zaitoona, you and your friends must come to me. We will discuss this further in person." Adna looked at Baron a little confused, but it was a way in - and hopefully would have the Hutt changing his mind.

"It'd be a pleasure to finally meet you Oxus," Adna said.

"We will lead the way," the protocol droid said. The party of representatives followed XZ off the ship, this audience was about to get a lot more real. Baron started to prep the Nimble Dragon with Niner's help. They were unsure where Oxus actually was though.

"Someone seems desperate to meet you," Baron said to Adna.

"He must be after something, maybe the Empire have something he wants."

Baron huffed: "Maybe it's you he wants."


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