A smuggler and a Jawa walk into a bar.

"How the hell was I suppose to know it was a trap?" a voice said aloud though drowned out by the other noises in the bar.

"The whole plan stunk of Imps the entire time" another replied in Jawaese dripping with sarcasm, anyone looking in their direction would see a Human male and a Jawa arguing before taking a seat at the bar

Altus would take a moment to order some drinks before continuing the debate.
"Easy for you to Commander Hindsight, you were just as eager to get the credits for this job as well besides it was that hotshot Jabba paired us with that screwed things up for us."

"I swear that guy and his walking shag rug companion are going to end up getting on that Slug's bad side one day."

"I'll drink to that, now after this let's hit up some contacts and see what they got for us."

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