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Summary: If the price is right, she'll get the job done.


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Gender: Female

Age: 21

Group: Bounty Hunter


Unknown - She cannot remember


Freelance Bounty Hunter

Physical Appearance

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Complexion: Dark
Height: 4' 11"
Weight: 95 lbs.


Quiet, calculative, and stern. She can be nice when need be, but most of the time she keeps up a tough front so she can get the job done. It is rare for her to smile.


An adopted child, she has no memory of her life before hopping from ship to ship with her adopted father, who trained her well. She is one to often use knives, blasters, and old fashioned guns. She even has a simple lightsaber she stole from a Jedi she once hunted down.

After her adopted father's passing, she went on her own and has been a freelance bounty hunter ever since.

For her, she follows the money.

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Image of River
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