New partnership

"That's because most people tend to underestimate them" Altus chuckled sipping his own drink "They can sneak in areas most people wouldn't think of, are great at repairs, and I would be lying if I said his sticky fingers didn't come in handy."

"Sell that to someone who cares." She stated and turned her gaze back to Atlus. "You need anyone else to work with you?"

Looking her over Altus just could tell she was more than just a pretty face, well the many lessons he learned as a smuggler was that there was only two type of flashy people those who are arrogant and those who are deadly. When it came to River it was easy to tell she was the latter.

"I can get us a job and of course you'll be paid a fair share" Altus offered "however it's more likely to take us to Hutt space I don't know if you've been following the news lately but a lot of turmoil been going on over there so as long as you're up for that, the jobs yours."

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