The Swamp Fortress

The party had led them to a small fortress hidden in the Nal Hutta swamps. The temperature was even worse here, the humidity could likely kill a man unfamiliar with these kinds of climates. Both Baron and Adna were escorted off the Nimble Dragon and taken to a type of throne room. A scarlet velvet curtain was parted, revealing Oxus patiently waiting. His interpreter droid appeared from the side, standing proudly by its Hutt master. Oxus seemed to clear his throat before starting to speak. The droid translated: "Mistress Zaitoona, Master Aegon. It's good of you to finally arrive. How are you finding your time on Nal Hutta so far?"

"It hasn't exactly been a holiday mighty Oxus. But it is of course a pleasure to be welcomed on your homeworld." Baron mockingly bowed to the Hutt, Oxus missed the sarcasm of the gesture. "I expect you have an idea why we have been seeking an audience with you."

"I have some ideas yes. I suspect that the recent Imperial activity has something to do with it."

"You're correct mighty Oxus. Obviously, the Empire have no right to build these illegal refineries on most worlds, but to offend the Hutts is an insult to you and your family. The Cartel deserves better than that."

"The Empire is mocking you and your planet Oxus," Adna added. "If it's not too intrusive a question I am curious to learn what your cousins and extended family have made of this business."

"Jabba does not care!" Oxus complained. "The rest are as equally uncaring, they are more concerned about what's happening in their personal little empires than caring about what happens back home. It is a disgrace." As Oxus finished a slave brought the fat Hutt a plate of fried creatures, they knew the best way to calm Oxus was to fill his belly.

"I represent a people who are trying to stop the Empire's expansion into the Outer Rim territories."

Oxus started to laugh. "Master Aegon, don't be stupid. You believe I am not aware of the existence of this alliance. This hopeless group actually believes you can stop the Empire. Who do you think sold your alliance weapons? Who got said weapons past Imperial borders? The cartel knows far more than you think." Oxus explained.

"Then let our alliance help you. Let's work together to get the Empire off Nal Hutta. They have no right to be here!"

"I admire your passion Master Aegon but I already have made plans to stop the Empire myself." Oxus seemed to indicate something to the protocol droid, the droid rushed to a nearby switch and activated it. A door opened from which a Jablogian and a Besalisk appeared, the Jablogian wasn't familiar. But the Besalisk Baron recognized immediately, Mojokerto. Aegon hadn't seen the crime lord since he was on Denon.

"If it isn't the rebel." Mojokerto said with a sly grin.


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