Work Together

"You could say that," River replied calmly as she took a seat next to Atlus. "I'm River, by the way." A slight smile formed on her face at the pair. "It's rare to see a Jawa working with anyone but themselves. It's nice to see you two working together."

Sighing heavily, she tapped the table. "I was supposed to meet up with someone that was giving me a job. I guess they decided I wasn't good enough for it." Laughing softly, ordered a simple drink that would not make her regret anything later. "I'll let you buy me that drink."

After getting her drink and taking a sip, she plucked out one of her earrings and handed it to the barkeep. "Sell that to someone who cares." She stated and turned her gaze back to Atlus. "You need anyone else to work with you?"

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