Intensive Training

Luando had taken this job, going undercover for Wyke. She didn't know why she had agreed to it. There were many more important things she could be doing with her time. She had stepped into the ISB's training facility, the ISB personnel had looked at her slyly. She didn't trust any of them. "I'd like to use the intensive training room please," Iras said to a man sitting behind a glass screen.

"You need proper authorization to access it," he replied, sounding uninterested.

"I have authorization from Commissioner Wyke, now if I'm not wrong Wyke is your superior. How would he react if he learnt you denied me access?"

"Do you have any identification?"

"Of course, why wouldn't I?" Luando placed her identity documents upon the glass, the man looked at them and sighed. "Happy now?"

"You may proceed." A pair of sliding doors hissed as they opened. Luando changed into some training gear, she equipped herself with a small pistol.

"Commander, Commissioner Wyke said that you may visit. I'm Assessor Betton, I'll be running your training program. May I ask what program you'd like to use for today's activity?"

"Intensive. DT-series Sentry Droids, full processing power. Maximum alertness. I want this to be difficult."

"Are you sure that's a good idea Commander? The DT-series aren't easy on low processing power."

"I can handle them."

"Very well, when you are ready." Betton showed Luando the way in. A cube rose from below the floor, and quickly Iras ran up and hid behind it. "DT-series Sentry Droids. Full processing power. Maximum alertness. Please raise your hand if you are ready!" Betton's voice echoed through the announcement system. Luando raised her arm, and almost as soon as she did the Sentry Droids were dropped into the room. Iras listened to the footsteps, she estimated about six of them were in the room with her.

As fast as she could Luando dashed behind another cube. She attached a silencing component to the pistol. She looked around the corner, a Sentry Droid was there. Scanning endlessly for its target. Its back was exposed, Luando pulled on the trigger and the bullet knocked the Sentry Droid to the ground. "Too easy," Iras smugly whispered to herself. She continued to walk forward until she was near another droid. She reached out, caught it by the leg and pulled it down. Once down she swiftly fired twice at the droid's chest.

The next two would be trickier, they were too close together. She'd have to calculate how to properly do this manoeuvre. She crawled behind raised barricades and shot the first. It came tumbling down knocking the second one over, like dominoes. Once the second was down Luando delivered an old-fashioned Imperial execution shot. Direct to the 'brain'. The fifth and sixth were just as easy. But then came the last Sentry Droid, it noticed all its fallen comrades and searched vigorously.

Iras was breathing heavily, she hadn't done training this intense in a long time. She thought the last one was distracted, she tried to exploit its blind spot but it was too late it grabbed her by the throat. Luando struggled, she tried to disable it by damaging the droid's wrist. She kicked the droid which loosened its grip, dropping her. Quickly she beat it to the ground and finished it off. "There's always one," she said to herself.

The announcement system beeped. "Nicely done Commander, better than some of the best ISB agents. Wyke would be impressed."

"I'd hope so," Luando said as she rubbed her neck.


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