Image of Commander Iras Luando

Summary: Commander of the ISD Intrepid

Commander Iras Luando

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Gender: Female

Age: 32

Group: Galactic Empire




Commander aboard the ISD Intrepid

Physical Appearance

Luando is rarely seen outside of her Imperial uniform. She wears her uniform and badges with a tremendous amount of pride.


Iras Luando is a capable tactician. She will go to great lengths to ensure that the Empire never fails easily, even if it means the sacrifice of her own forces. Her strategies make her feared by some of her own crew.


Iras was born on the planet Urajab during the final years of the Republic era. She joined the Imperial Academy exceeding in the field of tactics and command, impressing her superiors so much that she was assigned to ISD Intrepid and eventually was promoted to commander on the vessel. She is an admirer of the Emperor and has even had the honour of working with Lord Vader himself in a successful operation on the planet Caloria.

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Image of Commander Iras Luando
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