The Kabray Club

The Kabray Club is a swanky restaurant in a Coruscant financial district, frequented by politicians and members of the banking clan. Even though it called itself a club it had no membership, all you needed to do to get in was pay for an expensive drink at the front door. Luando picked the Avenelle Punch, a way of letting the staff know she was here on official business and wouldn't want to be disturbed once seated. It was a complicated system of different drinks having different meanings. A waiter lead her in, it was quiet tonight. Which was refreshing. Luando spotted Wyke in an instant, sitting smugly with his belly pressed against the table. "Miss Luando, I'm glad you have finally chosen to meet me," Wyke said as he shook her hand.

"It's Commander Luando, Commissioner. We are here officially so let's use official formalities yes?"

"Apologies Commander of course. Please take a seat," Wyke indicated to the seat opposite his with a simple gesture of his hand. Luando sat, and a waiter brought over her drink in a tall curvy glass. Wyke's drink was already mostly empty, from what Luando could tell he had ordered an Avenelle Punch too. At least he could follow one of the procedures.

"So Commissioner, why did you want me? You seemed desperate." Luando raised her drink and took a quick sip, the fruity taste hit her in an instant. The Avenelle was a powerful drink, very sour. She tried to hide that she couldn't handle the drink as well as she once could.

"I have a proposal for you Commander Luando. Something very unique, I know your area of expertise lies in commanding vessels and combat strategies. But I too know that you took some intensive training in other fields."

"What fields are you referring to?"

"The fields of Intelligence and Espionage."

"Your fields then."

"Precisely Commander, we would like to offer you a unique opportunity to go undercover. Behind enemy lines, working with the insurgents."

"Are you serious Commissioner?" Luando laughed. "Don't you think a vast majority of the insurgents would recognize the commander of the Intrepid? It's not like us, commanders, exactly hide our identities."

"You think the ISB doesn't have the technology to disguise you? My girl, we have had that technology since even I was a boy."

"For centuries then?" Luando mocked, the drink was getting to her head. Alcoholic beverages always made her cockier.

"Charming tonight aren't we Commander?" Wyke sighed. "Honestly, if I had it my way you wouldn't be the one for the job. But a friend of yours personally suggested you. By suggestion I mean he didn't even give me a choice!"

"I'm guessing that means I don't have a choice either."

"That it does Commander."

"Fine," Iras huffed, then quickly downed the rest of her drink. "I'll do this job for you, Commissioner Wyke. I'll be your - agent."


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