The Tomb of Ko-Bos-Jezz

Inside the dark room it was far colder than the rest of Cerean temple, even the hairiest beast in the galaxy would shiver. One of the Stormtrooper captains switched on a torch, there was something resembling a sacrificial altar. Abalam approached it and began to study it carefully. On the altar was a skeleton, a Cerean skeleton. Probably hundreds of years old and wrapped in a brown ragged blanket. The Grand Admiral leaned forwards and began to study a sort of scripture that he couldn't understand, nothing like Aurebesh. "Bring in the prisoner!" Abalam growled. Another troop of Stormtroopers brought in a cuffed Cerean, he had been beaten and bruised. They pushed the weak man towards Darsh. "What does that say?"

The Cerean began to decipher the symbols. "It's a very ancient Cerean script, it says: Here lies Ko-Bos-Jezz."

"Am I supposed to know who this Bozz-Jep is?"

"Bos-Jezz sir." The Cerean whispered. Darsh Abalam grabbed the prisoner by his collar and started to shake him around.

"Don't answer back to me! I said Bos-Jezz, if you don't want to be executed by firing squad then I would suggest that you treat me with respect. Understood?" Abalam threw the Cerean backwards.

"I'm sorry sir. It won't happen again! I misheard." The Cerean prisoner cried. The rest of the Imperial officers watched on some enjoying the man's suffering, some hiding their disgust at Abalam's actions. "I have heard of Bos-Jezz a long time ago as a boy. He was an explorer many centuries ago, before the Republic. He was obsessed with the Jedi and the Sith and explored the galaxy for their artefacts."

"And where are they now?"

"Here surely sir. Ko-Bos-Jezz wanted to teach the people of Cerea the ways of the Jedi, he believed anyone could harness their power. He was mad sir mad!"

"Enough. We will find the treasures of this Ko-Bos-Jezz, you will be returned to your cell for further questioning. Is that understood?"

"Yes sir, take me!" The prisoner raised his cuffed hands as three Stormtroopers approached and dragged him away.

"Summon the archaeologist at once." Darsh looked to Luando. "We will require her expertise in these ancient treasures. I'm sure the spirit of Ko-Bos-Jezz won't take kindly to us disturbing his tomb, but the dead can't keep their treasures forever."

"I will contact them for you sir." Luando nodded.

Grand Admiral lifted Ko-Bos-Jezz's skull and stared into the hollow eye sockets. He threw it to the ground where it shattered into multiple pieces. Even the dead were not safe from Abalam's hostility.

To Be Continued...

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