Landing on Cerea

"Kai our friends have given us the green light. Preping for landing." Mia lands the Stormfalcon at a secret rebel base. After getting their passenger they make their way off the ship. "Kai, Mr. Maardilemm wait here a moment." Mia then showed the rebels where the cargo was loaded. When Mia came back she escorted them to the person in charge of the base. "Zarvee Gammid this is Jukdiner Maardilemm a potential recruit. This is Malakai Burnlaye a Jedi." Kai bowed to the rebel leader. "Mr. Gammid pleased to make your acquaintance. I am a Jedi Master, I am also a Battlemaster and a Sabersmith. The former maybe of no help but the latter might be helpful. I have an idea on how to improve a limited number of weapons."

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